Monday, November 5, 2012


It's been a busy few days here in Houston. Len left for Chicago on Thursday, leaving a big hole in our little family. We miss him already but at least we can see him through the powers of Skype. Tita Wheez arrived Friday, bringing with her lots of fun activities and yummy cooking. She won the girls over in no time and has made herself indispensable playing with K & L as well as taking charge of the kitchen.

We gave Tita Wheez a tour of the property which ended up with the girls in the fountain. 
They were having a good time until Kate dropped the penny she found which is what prompted the long face in the photo...
Stamping project...this was popular.
Lots of pizzas and cakes were made with modeling clay.
Sunday morning we met up with Paivi, Euan and Papa Euan at the park. Lucy headed straight for Flossie and never looked back.
This captures everyone in our group (except me of course). Lucy had a good time, as the only one with legs long enough to reach the ground, keeping the teeter totter moving.
 Wheez and Paivi getting to know each other.
 Euan and Kate checking out the water ball.
More Flossie obsession
So much Flossie obsession that Lucy did not want to play in the water park! Kate did not have any problem and ran around in the water for at least 45 minutes.
She finally succumbed to the lure of the water but only for a short time as the water was pretty darn cold.
 Paivi and Euan chilling out.
 We came home for lunch and naps and then headed out for dinner. A high school friend of mine, Maria, got me in touch with Sandra and her husband Steve, also from my hometown in FL but who now live here in Houston. They treated us to dinner at Cafe Lux but also showed up with a huge bag full of goodies for the girls. It was obvious that she had read the blog for ideas as she gifted them with all their favorites: Minnie Mouse, a turtle pillow, Hello Kitty coloring book and stickers, crayons, princess wands, a Texas ball, and a Texas rubber duckie and a bucketful of candy. All in duplicate.
Both girls went to sleep with Minnie and their turtle (I fear they will soon fall out of bed for all the stuffed animals in there with them) while the rest of their goodies "sleep in the bags and watch us sleep".

Len and I are just so grateful for the generosity of friends and family during this time. It is a bit overwhelming to know there are so many of you out there willing to help us out in any way that you can. We really appreciate it.

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