Sunday, November 11, 2012

Half way cooked

Friday marked the half-way point for radiation treatment. I must say that it is starting to catch up with me. I'm so very tired most of the time to speak nothing of what is going on below the belt. Let's just say it is unpleasant and mostly painful. Sitting down is quickly becoming a non-option.

The good thing is that I'm getting more rest as Nana is taking mornings with the girls while I "have a lie in" as Paivi would say! Tita Wheez departed on Saturday morning, leaving us with a freezer full of dinners and lots of things for the girls to play with.
 Paivi, Baby Euan and Flossie came over for supper. Lucy only had eyes for Flossie...she is OBSESSED.
Saturday afternoon Len's sister, Kathy, arrived to help out for a week. She has much the same calm nature as Len so has fit into our routine seamlessly. Since the girls had just seen her in July at the beach they jumped right in and gave her the tour of the apartment and their toys. The girls were thrilled this morning to skype with her sons Stefan and Joey before we headed off to a local park with Paivi and her son. This was a new park to us over near where we went for Halloween so the girls were quite happy to explore some new territory.
Nana took a much-needed day off while Kathy, the girls and I had lunch and more playtime over at Paivi's.
We ended up playing well into naptime so that by the time we got home it was too late to have a nap at all. We played for a bit and did an early-for-us supper, bathtime and bed.

On a side note, I can tell that some things are brewing around in Lucy's head that she just cannot articulate yet. Tonight as we were reading bedtime stories, we were talking about emotions like happy, sad, angry, etc. and giving examples of each. So, for instance, when I asked Kate what made her happy today she said, "Swinging on the swings" and Lucy said, "My kangarooie". When we got to the word sad, neither of them could think of an example so I volunteered what makes me sad: "I am sad when I have to go somewhere and I cannot take you with me." Just like that Lucy burst into tears...uncontrollable sobs....that nothing I said afterwards could stop. It was just so heartbreaking. She finally calmed down once I got her into bed, turned off the light and sang our night-time songs.

Kate, too, although her verbal skills are much more developed, is still showing some signs of stress. Every night when I tuck Kate in, she wraps her arms around my necks, kisses my face and whispers, "I don't want to let you go Mama. I love you."

I realized that I have not actually been alone with my girls in over a month except when I put them to bed. Although it is wonderful to have so much help and for the girls to have the love and attention of other family members, they are definitely showing the strain of our new, albeit short-term, living situation. And they are both missing their daddy and Ms. Julie as they ask for them both every day. Thank goodness for skype and facetime!

Speaking of Len, he spent the weekend in St. Louis visiting with his brother. He'll be back in Chicago for work this-coming week and will return to Houston on the 20th.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh Lisa, I don't know what to say to bring you any kind of comfort. Just know that so many of us following your blog are keeping you, Len, Kate, Lucy and Nana in our thoughts and prayers. I am very sorry to hear things are becoming very painful and unpleasant in those "nether" regions. You are on a countdown now! Just an idea for the girls if you have some paper you can cut up. Make a paperchain with a sign at the top that says something like, "Days left until we go home!!!" Each day they can cut/tear off a link in the chain. It's a bit of a visual for time. I have seen it done for Christmas with little ones. So glad you are still able to get out with Pavi and your family to enjoy Houston. The weather looks to at least be warm judging by the shorts and T-shirts. Hang in there my friend, you are very brave, not to mention positive and putting up a darn strong attack!
Hugs to you all,


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