Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween in Houston

After my morning treatment we headed over to the Children's Museum for Halloween festivities. The girls had a good time getting some energy out in the play area.
 They made their own silly putty.
Home, lunch, nap. Although both girls are napping every day, Lucy falls asleep almost immediately and thus wakes earlier than Kate. This gives her some one-on-one time with whoever will scratch her back!
My good friend Kelly from FL sent a lovely care package that included princess dress-up costumes. We decided to wear that for trick-or-treating so I applied some glitter to their cheeks to spice things up a bit. Lucy chose a butterfly.
Kate chose Tinkerbell.
While I was working on their cheeks, Len was serving as my personal narc dealer, preparing all my baggies of supplements for the entire time he'll be gone so I won't need to do it! He returned to Chicago for work yesterday and will be gone until Thanksgiving.
We met up with Paivi and her son Euan for trick-or-treating in a neighborhood called The Heights. It was an excellent choice! There were a ton of people out and lots of great decorations and costumes!
It didn't take long for the girls to figure out the drill. This was their first time actually trick-or-treating. Last year Lucy had just come home and we didn't want to overdo the activities.
 Lucy was all about Flossie!
 Kate kept forging ahead, completely oblivious to scary costumes or houses.
They chose lollipops to sample as they continued with their adventures.
Euan got into the swing of things, grabbing first one candy and then another, unable to choose from the bounty before him!
 Lucy was quite hesitant as the evening wore on and it got darker. More of the bigger kids started coming out and some of the costumes and masks scared her. Kate had no such qualms...there was candy to be had!

This guy was not at all popular with our kiddoes. He was hanging over the fence and would yell just as kids got close.
Kate, undeterred, made her way through the cobwebs to the witch handing out candy. She was more annoyed than anything else, commenting, "Why is that mean man yelling? He really shouldn't do that!"
 Lucy scaled Daddy and remained there until Kate and I were "safely" back from the porch.
 The black cat a few houses down was not as scary thankfully.
 Here was their loot. Quite a haul for only about an hour!

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