Thursday, November 1, 2012

Heart Letter, Month 35

Dear Lucy,

You are 35 months old today.  This picture sums up your nature this month. DEVILISH.
Fitting, I suppose, since it was Halloween month.

I must confess to having a very hard time writing this letter for a variety of reasons. We have been in Houston for half of this month so I can have radiation. Thus my attention has not been as focused on you and your sister. You, in turn, have developed some push/pull behavior where you desperately desire my attention one minute and want me to leave you alone the next. It is rather vexing.

We started out the month enjoying the fall weather in Chicago. Ms. Julie took you and Kate to a local pumpkin farm which you completely enjoyed.
You thoroughly enjoyed digging around in a pumpkin to remove all the seeds and slime so we could make pumpkin seeds and pudding. That actually kept you occupied and engaged for 20 whole minutes; a lifetime in your world.
 Just look at the rapt attention you are paying to the task at hand!
So happy that I am letting you squish all the slime through your fingers!
We relocated to Houston mid-way through the month and unlike other vacations we have taken, you have reacted much differently to this one, saying every day that you want to go home. You are also confounding me with your penchant for telling me that you don't know how to do something when I know that you do. I thought for the longest time that you just did not know your colors and yet, in an unguarded moment when you didn't know I was watching, you matched the colored key with the same color door every single time on one of your toys.
Prior to that and even now, afterwards, you will name the wrong color or will tell me you don't know when I ask you to match them up. You seem to be doing this "helpless" act with a lot of things these days: puzzles, getting dressed, eating. In the next minute, however, you will absolutely insist that you can do it ALL BY YOURSELF.

You have learned some new skills this month. After a few tries, you learned how to turn a doorknob under Nana's direction.
You are propelling yourself quite well in the pool, using your legs and arms after watching some of the swimmers doing laps.
As much as you love swimming, your favorite activity is to be "UP HIGH!" as often as possible. This gives Daddy lots of exercise in the pool.
You seemed to have overcome your fear of dogs for the most part. Ms. Paivi's dog, Flossie, is the new object of your obsession. On the first day you met her you grabbed her leash and walked her around the park. Since then you will compulsively follow her all over Ms. Paivi's house, even foregoing playing with Euan's toys or collecting more candy during trick-or-treating.

Speaking of Halloween,we have been dressing up as often as we can in your Minnie Mouse costume. You and Kate both love to dress up and are now big fans of trick-or-treating thanks to the local Children's Museum.
On the day of Halloween we received a care package from Ms. Kelly, Karlie and Kellen. You two were so excited about the princess dress-up clothes that you wore them out that evening for your first actual neighborhood trick-or-treating.
It didn't take you long to figure out the gist of Halloween--you were quite happy to be given free candy all night! I must say, though, that I was surprised that you picked out the pretzels to eat in the car on the way home instead of the chocolate.

That is one thing I seem to be able to count on with you...you always keep me guessing. We are still learning about each other, making our way the best we can. You are learning how to be a daughter and a sister and I am learning how to be a mommy all over again. I sometimes forget that it's only been a year, that I should only expect from you what I expected from Kate at 12 months old. You deserve at least that.

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