Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Houston, our romance is almost over

I'm afraid I've been a bit negligent of this blog of late. I've been so tired by the end of the day that I just do not have the energy or cognitive skills to string together a coherent post. This may not be that coherent but I thought I'd give it a stab and fill you in on the past week or so.

Aunt Kathy, Len's sister, departed on Sunday after helping us out for a week. The girls loved having her here and I was happy to see them bond even more than they did during our week at the beach in July.
We took the advice of a dear reader and made a countdown chain of how many days until Daddy returned and also how many days until we can go home. I cannot even tell you how many stickers we used on this project...
Nana and Kathy bonded over their computers.
Before Kathy left we all went out for dinner where the girls got to work on their knife skills.
We have really been pleasantly surprised nearly every day with cards and gifts. You all are just so generous.

Maggie and Steve sent a beautiful fruit basket that we all enjoyed...YUM! The kale that served as the greenery was stir-fried with some garlic for dinner later so nothing was wasted!
Gayle sent some bathtime colors and bath crayons which the girls are quite enjoying. However, seeing your child sitting in a pool of red water is a bit disconcerting...
Jo Anne and Anne sent a Thanksgiving bouquet today.
We've also received many Thanksgiving cards which is making our time away during the holidays much easier. The girls love getting their own mail and now have quite a large collection amassed in their room.

I also want to thank all of you who took the time to respond both in the blog comment section or to my email about my parenting questions concerning Lucy. I guess I knew that she was regressing with all the turmoil of the past two months but it was nice to have some other perspectives and suggestions for reading material, coping techniques, etc. My book list is expanding quite a bit!  I do have some good news...

Len came back yesterday (isn't he adorable? He had an updated picture taken for his new position at work)
and wow, what a difference that has made for Lucy. Her language is getting back to some semblance of intelligibility, her tantrums are fewer and she just seems happier. We spent last night with all four of us snuggled on the sofa watching a movie and eating popcorn. Lucy and Kate were holding hands the whole time which was just all kinds of melt-this-mama's-heart-adorable. The weather has also gotten much warmer so we're able to exhaust them in the pool again.

Today we met up with Linda and her son Henry for a playdate and picnic at Hermann Park. Here's Kate on the tire swing with a bigger girl in the park. Kate just loves making herself dizzy. Lucy, as you can see, does not.
 Lucy prefers to hang upside down like a monkey!
 Henry is not too sure about these girls horning in on the slide!
 Lucy and Kate both learned how to peel a clementine today, much to my relief since they can hoover through 4 of them each in one sitting. Peeling it themselves slows them down...but only just a bit.
 This was right as we were leaving...can you tell the kids all need naps?
As for me, I'm holding steady. I don't have treatment tomorrow since it's Thanksgiving but I do have to go back on Friday. After that, I only have one week left to go! I saw the doctor today and he said I'm doing remarkably well and look good. I still don't have any visible burns or lesions so that's good. I'm using the creams and sitz baths religiously which helps with the pain. Dry mouth is becoming a problem but it serves to remind me to drink more water so my liver can flush out the toxins from the radiation. Other than fatigue, I'm really doing much better than I expected!

We're spending Thanksgiving with Melissa's family so we're pretty excited about that. Friday night we've got tickets to see the Zoo lights. The girls are very excited to be outside at night ("when we should be in bed!"). We only have 2 weekends left here in Houston. One of my old friends from LSU, Lisa H., is coming over from Louisiana for our last weekend in  town. She also lived in Houston for a few years so it'll be good to have another "local" to hang out with.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to spend it with those that you love. We have so much to be thankful for this year including all of you. Thank you for your support, your notes, your gifts, your love. It has made this particular part of our lives that much easier.


Elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lisa, Len, Lucy, Kate and Nana. I hope you have a wonderful day together and a delicious dinner! I am so glad you posted. I was going to email you as I was starting to get worried about you. After the post a couple weeks ago about the treatments and the things you were given,I was concerned. Your positivity and stamina with all of this and still being such a "hands-on" mama is amazing. Your strength is incredible! Also glad to hear Lucy is starting to be more of her usual self with Len's return. Not long now until your home. That chain should be getting shorter!!!!! So cool you got to connect with Linda and Henry again. I've been checking out her blog and it's neat to read about her experience. I'm also from England so neat to read about that too. Take care, best wishes and hugs to you all, Elizabeth
P.S. Any plans for Black Friday shopping? We have a few stores up here who are trying hard this year to compete with those in Washington state!!!

gratis total said...

love and health to you and your family, happy thanksgiving day!


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