Monday, November 12, 2012

Love Letter, Month 34

Dear Kate,

You are 34 months old today.
Do you see that picture? Ah yes, my love. Houston makes you sleepy. We have been in Houston for the entirety of your 34th month while I get radiation treatment. We have settled into a routine of morning swim or playground, lunch, afternoon nap (BLISS!) and then late afternoon swim or long walk, supper and bed. Amazingly, with but a few exceptions, you willingly crawl into bed and within 20-30 minutes, you are sound asleep for a 2 hour afternoon nap. AND you sleep through the night! I love it not just because it gives us all a break but because you are so much more enjoyable to be around at the end of the day when you have napped. Who knew?!
You have accomplished a lot this month. I overheard you counting backwards as you were lining up your cars one day...."5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" Speaking of lining things up, your focus on linearity and order continues unabated. We've spent quite a few days at the local children's museum which provides you many opportunities for honing your organizational skills.
You are serving both as Lucy's translator (for us when we can't understand her) and her "mother hen", nattering on to her about rules and what is right and proper. Some things you've said to her this month include:

"This one is too old for you" to Lucy as we were reading books. (Considering she is older than you, this is a rather presumptuous statement....)

"I told you we have to wait until the sun comes up" to Lucy when she started crying to get out of bed too early.

Fortunately, you temper those bossy moments with acts of kindness and true sisterly love. The spontaneous hug and kiss as you tell her, "I love you sister", melt my heart.
You went on your first official trick-or-treating adventure this Halloween. You were quite the brave girl, walking right past scary people in masks and makeup in your quest for more candy.
You LOVED Halloween...every bit of it. The dressing up, the candy, the staying out late, the meeting of new people, the song...

"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!"

Later, though, you asked:

"Why didn't anyone smell my feet? I wanted to take my shoes off so people could smell my feet!"
You love music, especially making up songs. Your latest one tonight was to twirl around in your ballet skirt singing, "I'm a dancing flower, twirling round and round, then I fall to the ground." This song is sung as you twirl continuously until you make yourself so dizzy that you fall over, laughing hysterically all the while. You are quite the entertainer!

Another first for you was to feed a giraffe! You were very excited to hand over lettuce leaves to a giraffe with an 18" long purple tongue.
You were less than thrilled with the smells at the zoo. You walked around most of the monkey exhibit with your hand over your nose, saying repeatedly, "I am not ok with smelling all of this poop!"
It's been nice and warm here so we've taken advantage of it with lots of water (planned and unplanned) and outdoor activities.
Your second ride on a carousel was much more fun for you than the first time (back in Chicago..or "Cachgo" as you call it).
As I tell you often, you make me laugh every single day. You are always ready to try new things and are oh-so-proud when you accomplish something you didn't think you could do.
You are very inquisitive, stepping up more and more to explore your world and ask more questions than I thought was humanly (or even humanely) possible.
You are smart, funny, imaginative and *mostly* a joy to be around. Except when you're not. But that is life with a 34 month old. I love you my little Katie-bug.

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Lucy R said...

SO sweet! I LOVE reading these letters oh SO much!


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