Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mary Mary Quite Contrary...and her sister

In case you ever find yourself far from home and running out of new ideas for playtime with two almost-three year olds, I can help. Take the smelly wrapper from a garlic vitamin and teach your children how to flick it across the table. It can provide at least 30 minutes of fun*.
Learning to flick! from Lisa on Vimeo.
*unless one of your children is feeling a bit lost about her new living situation and is letting you know by being quite contrary.


Heather H. said...

Is that Lucy asking "Where's Dad?" off camera after you tell Kate to show daddy how she can flick now? I'm guessing that is a frequent question. I get "Where's Baba?" several times a day when he's just at work.

Lisa said...

Yes, she was looking at the viewfinder on the camera for daddy. They both really miss him!


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