Sunday, December 2, 2012

All finished but the packing

We're enjoying our last few days of 80 degree temps before heading home for the holidays. My final checkup with the oncologist left me with these marching orders: MRI in Chicago with my local oncologists sometime in February. Return to Houston on May 13  for another MRI and followup with the team here on May 17. Otherwise, we wait and see.

After the euphoria of Friday's activities, I crashed on Saturday and ended up napping most of the day away. Lisa H. was here and she brought over an activity to keep the girls occupied: making Christmas ornaments.
The rest was enough to enable me to go out for dinner with Lisa, my mom and some friends of Lisa's. Len held down the fort here with the girls.
Otherwise, here's a quick catch-up of some photos from the last week or so. Remember when we planted some basil and forget-me-nots? They've been growing well!
We are learning how to lace courtesy of the dollar bin at a local store.

 Snuggle time after one of my treatments.
We found a good Chinese restaurant nearby and had a nice dinner out with Melissa.
Kate is still napping about 80% of the time more than she ever did in Chicago. I just can't resist taking pictures of her as it's such an unusual sight.
We're going to enlist help from the Elf on a Shelf upon our return in an effort to continue with the afternoon respite. Although naptime is now at 1:30 and Lucy falls asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow, it still takes Kate a good hour of tossing and turning and singing and talking before succumbing to sleep.

We are making the most of our zoo membership before leaving. I have to say the Houston zoo is awesome and provides all kinds of new experiences every time we go.

Petting a goat today.
 Crawling through the tunnel of piranhas.
 Up close with a "hoo hoo" as Lucy still calls it!
 This seal makes them happy every time we walk in as he is "still balancing the ball on his nose Mama!"
 This giraffe looks pretty realistic and provides another climbing opportunity.
Otherwise, we're working on packing up our stuff. We'll be sending 2 boxes out tomorrow so we don't have to stuff it all in suitcases. The pool is getting a workout and it feels quite nice to be able to swim again! All of the radiation marks (except for those damn tattoos) have come off. I'm feeling my usual fatigue that occurs on the weekends but hopefully that will subside soon.

Only one more day!

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Elizabeth said...

So glad you enjoyed your last weekend. Your weather sounds great! It is wet, wet, wet here! Have a safe trip home. I'm thinking of using the Elf on a Shelf in my classroom this year seeing as we go right to the 21st. Sent from my iPad.


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