Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bits and Pieces...and Pie! And Naps!

We've been enjoying our last few days with Nana which really means we're putting her to work while we can! We took the tree down and put away the decorations last night. This led to cleaning out some closets and making a trip for donations. I always seem to feel this way at the end of the year--if I can't shed weight for the end of the year at least I can shed excess closet detritus!

Meanwhile, the girls are enjoying the snow and then warming up with either tea or hot chocolate in their new glass mugs from the Walnut Room.
Kate is now pretending to be "Santa Kate" by having her elf, Lucy, set up cookies and milk on the table for her to have when she "comes from the North Pole".
I've signed the girls up for swim lessons that will begin on the 7th. The class requires goggles and swim caps.
They are super excited about swimming lessons with "a real teacher!" (A few of their friends have started preschool so they have teachers. Thus, the girls are happy to finally have a teacher too.)

It's Nana's last night with us so we celebrated with pie this morning. We bundled up and walked to First Slice Pie Cafe and indulged in 4 different kinds of pie, 2 topped with ice cream. It was divine and the girls were enraptured. Alas, there are no pictures of said pies as we were all too busy with our spoons to bother with the camera. I did manage to snap a photo of the girls bundled up in the stroller on our way to the cafe.
After pie, we walked to the shoe store to get snow boots for the girls. Their feet have grown out of all the snow boots we had. Lucy now wears size 9 and Kate wears size 8. They had great fun stomping through the snow on our walk home.
Since they had run/walked the mile home they were pretty tired and cold. After a quick snack of chamomile tea and cheese quesadilla, they happily went down for 2 hour naps. Bliss!

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