Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas has arrived at our house

We spent a rainy Sunday morning wrestling our tree into the house and then setting it all up to decorate. Alas, plans were stalled when various light strands wouldn't work. Another trip out to the store for lights. Bah Humbug!

Meanwhile, two very disappointed toddlers were not happy that they could not decorate the tree as promised. During their naps my brain actually turned on and gave me a good idea for a change. I dug my old, small fake tree out of the closet. I used this tree when I was a teacher (almost 24 years ago!) to add a little festive cheer to my classroom and I can't believe I still had it.

The girls were thrilled to have their very own tree to decorate! We used the ornaments the girls had made with Lisa H. when she visited in Houston. Notice that the tree is a bit ornament heavy on the bottom...
We finally finished our big tree after the girls went to bed. We only put on about a dozen ornaments which is so NOT me but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that still needs to be checked off my list...birthday thankyou's, Christmas cards, SHOPPING (I've done no shopping....), making appointments for MRI, pediatric checkups, Lucy cleft team appointment, dental appointments, speech therapy appointment, chiropractic appointment, AIIIIIYAAAAA!
This is the Kate and Lucy Christmas Tree. Notice that the Elf on the Shelf has arrived with Rudolf. They named him/her Charlie, AKA "The Fox". I say he/she because sometimes (s)he wears a skirt and sometimes (s)he doesn't. I think (s)he may be the first Transgender Elf on our Liberal Shelf.
Speaking of gender-typing, our girls very much wanted Mickey Mouse underwear. Unfortunately, they don't make any girl panties that I could find at Target with Mickey. Only Minnie Mouse. What is up with that?

When they went to Leander's house to play, guess who had Mickey underwear and guess who wanted them? Yep! Both girls proceeded to strip down and fortunately Jackie was cool with my girls wearing her son's underwear for their playdate. So for Lucy's birthday, Jackie and Leander gifted Lucy with some Mickey underwear of her very own...which she graciously shared with Kate.

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