Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy (Snowy!) Christmas!

Of course this is the one morning when we have to wake Kate up. Seriously. 7am rolls around and Lucy is trying to shoot out the door to see if Santa came and I'm trying to get her to wait until Kate is mobile too. We managed to get them both through the bathroom before the stampede down the hall...
Christmas morning from Lisa on Vimeo.
We took the morning in stages, although not as many as we ended up doing last year. First came the stockings.
Chocolate for pre-breakfast snack? It looks that way!
She had no problem biting off Santa's head.
They had an apple and orange in there too.
Next came tearing into a few presents.
Then a break for more apple.
While I prepared breakfast of brioche Grand Marnier French toast.
After breakfast, more presents.
 They got a lot of books this year which is wonderful. They wanted to read all of them tonight...we got through about half of them.
Kate is over-seeing Nana's present opening.
 And thanking her for the apron Nana gave to her!
 Kate was very much in the mood to model today. This view doesn't show it but the top and back of this hat are covered in pink sequins to match the boots.
This hat has mittens attached to the "scarf".
Lucy was hard to photograph today--she was in  motion most of the day!
 Managed one good shot of the ladies in their aprons from Nana.
 Len started a tradition from our very first Christmas of giving me one ornament that indicated something of significance to me/us for the year. This year was a snow globe from the Houston zoo and this...
a miniature doctor's scrubs shirt with stethoscope. Fitting for my year of oncology appointments! Kate remarked, "Mama, that shirt is too small for you."

I got my wish for a white Christmas---snow pictures follow on tomorrow's post! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas day!


Elizabeth said...

Merry Christmas Lisa and family. Thank you for sharing your day with us. The girls looked like they had a great day. I love the rocking dolly cribs.

Jodie said...

Nothing like watching kids having fun opening their presents! :) Thank you for sharing those special moments with us. So happy you and your beautiful family had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! :D

Gayle Weiswasser said...

Adorable girls.


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