Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We took the last link off our countdown chain, turned in the keys and headed off to the Houston airport yesterday. Our van was full to the brim with everyone stuffed in-between the luggage.
 We had a pretty uneventful flight. I sat in the row ahead with Lucy and we all had lunch on the plane. After lunch, Nana and Lucy traded seats so she could read books on the iPad with Kate. That left Nana and me with some luxurious free time to read and snooze.
 Our luggage came right away as did our car and driver so there was no waiting around.
The girls did a bit of fancy dancing in the limo while Len installed their car seats. Kate was not able to relax and dance though, until she made it clear that she was not supposed to ride in the car unless she was in her seat. (We affectionately call her our "Hall Monitor"....I suspect she'll be real popular at school...)
We got a wonderful welcome home from Zadie and Auden downstairs with a handmade sign.
We finally got our suitcases unpacked today and some supplemental groceries in stock as well. Many thanks to Ms. Julie for getting our fridge stocked with some food for last night and this morning as well as a beautiful poinsettia for our counter.

Lucy has a hearing test and a visit with her ENT on Friday to check on her ear tubes. It's been a year since she had them "installed". In the meantime, I'm trying to pull together a birthday party for her on Saturday. I got her birthday cake ordered today (that's right, I am not making her cake...I'm pulling that cancer card out again).

Sunday will be our big holiday decorating time. I briefly thought about putting up the tree this week but then common sense took over (11 toddlers are coming over on Saturday!) so I'm thinking we'll just clear the decks, pad the walls and drink mimosas until nap-time.


Elizabeth said...

So happy you are home safe and sound. Miss Julie sounds like a wonderful person to have as a friend. Best of luck with Lucy's party. Keen to hear if Kate continues napping. Hope the ENT goes well. I am sure the doctor will see a HUGE difference in Lucy.

Lucy R said...

Yay! SO glad you are all home, safe and sound! Good luck with the party! Miss you already.


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