Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm holding the Mayans personally responsible

The world did not end today as predicted. HOWEVER...I am holding them personally responsible for how badly the day's events were.

Our day actually began last night. Kate was running a pretty good temperature and was absolutely miserable all through bath and bed. She did manage to sleep all night until 5:25am when I wake up to very loud crying and "MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!"

I open her door to find her sheets, pillow, jammies and the floor soaked. Turns out it was just the cup of water I had left in her room (I think she was still half asleep when she tried to drink it) but it pretty much meant that any hope of getting her back down to bed was gone. With some help from Nana who, since she's sleeping in the living room, is awakened as soon as anyone wakes up, we got Kate, her room and her bed dried off and changed. I lay with her on the couch for a while...right up until she vomited all over me. There are two silver linings...1. it was mostly water since she had not eaten anything since lunch yesterday and 2. it was the first time she has ever puked.

Nana sat with Kate in the bathroom while I got changed. It's now about 7am and I have to get Lucy up and dressed and out the door in 30 minutes for her speech therapy one year evaluation downtown. Meanwhile, Kate is settled on the couch with her daddy waiting on her.
Lucy and I barely make it to our appointment on time with her eating cereal in the car and clementines in the waiting room. We met with someone who had never evaluated Lucy before but was still part of our cleft team at Children's. I had asked for someone new as I have doubted all along that Lucy was ready to graduate from speech therapy. Yes, she is more understandable than she was but she is still not making all of her sounds, I can still hear air escaping from her nose and fistula when she makes certain sounds and she doesn't pronounce most words correctly. In general, her speech is very lazy and her throat is very guttural and grainy.

My gut turned out to be correct. This evaluation was much more thorough than our last one in part because her comprehension is much better. She passed language comprehension/understanding with flying colors as well as speaking in multiple-word sentences. She was able to point to or name items indicating if there were multiples or none at all. She could identify correctly whether something was in motion or static. She did not name colors correctly, pretty much calling every color either yellow or blue but I'm not sure if that's her being obstinate because she was not real thrilled with being confined to a task or if she truly cannot name her colors. She is mostly on par with where a 3 year old should be.

But those were the only sections she passed. She drops her consonants and a few of her vowels on most words. When she is actually trying to say words her voice drops and her sounds are grainy, almost as if she needs to clear her throat. The therapist said that a lot of times children who are having trouble making sounds will end up with severe throat irritations from trying so hard to make the correct sounds. She also could not touch her tongue to her upper lip with her mouth open, she cannot sweep her tongue in between her cheek and teeth to "clear food" which is why she has such difficulty eating things like pasta and meat. She has an under-bite combined with a cross-bite so this exacerbates all of the above including biting her food adequately.

All of this I had noticed but with our previous therapist "graduating" her combined with my cancer appointments, her speech took a backseat. So the upshot of all this is that she is now back on weekly speech therapy with a new therapist who will focus on speech as well as voice, for which she will be formally evaluated the first week in February. We also have homework to work on her tongue control, strengthening it so she can eat and speak better.

The bright spot in our morning was the arrival of Ms. Julie and the opening of Christmas presents with her since we won't see her again until next Friday. Kate rallied for presents (yep, she's my daughter!) and by the time Nana and I left the house both girls were firmly under Ms. Julie's spell.
The easel was a big hit--chalkboard on one side, white board on the other and a paper roll that you can use on both sides for crayons and markers. 
Nana and I intended to have a nice lunch and run some errands (I still had not had much to eat at this point, having no time for breakfast and only a hurried few bites of some soup when we got back from Lucy's evaluation).

It was not to be.

A little bit of background: one of the side effects of my radiation is a whacked-out hormonal cycle. Suffice to say that I have been bleeding (heavily and continuously) for weeks. WEEKS. So I had called my gynecological oncologist here to see if he could fit me in to his schedule. Today was the day. I needed to be at his office up in the northern 'burbs before 3pm. We made it there and what followed was not pretty or comfortable. He needed to get a good-sized sample from my uterus to rule out uterine cancer and to test my hormone levels. That meant a scraping/suctioning of the lining of my uterus. This causes contractions....LOTS OF CONTRACTIONS. OMG. So. Yeah. Not a fun afternoon.

Fast forward to now. I am sitting amid chaos with my ears plugged with the iPod, typing, while Len and Nana feed the girls supper and ready them for bath. Unfortunately for them, seeing Mama but having no access to her is enough to make their heads pop off...yet remain firmly attached to very loud vocal chords driving me to continuously turn up the volume on the Dixie Chicks.


I guess I should go participate in the grueling crawl that is ushering recalcitrant toddlers to bed.

Those Mayans better be glad they are already dead.


Elizabeth said...

Oh what a horrible day! Hope Kate is on the mend and it's a short bug she has. As for you, yikes that's nasty. I have VERY heavy periods due to fibroids and only survive with Cyklokapron - works really well, that controls the bleeing. I explain to people that it's kind of like Ritalin - you know when you're due for the next dose as things start getting bad again! Not sure whether they'd give it to you, it's worth a try, trust me my friend it helps. As for Lucy, just keep plugging along and remember how far she has come with her receptive language! Here's hoping you have a better weekend.

Heather H. said...

You crack me up! :) Sorry you had "one of those days." I hope YOU are feeling better. I hope Kate is on the mend soon. I was a little surprised when Lucy was released from SLP before, but thought it might be because of different state laws/guidelines. Good luck with everything, and have a very Merry Christmas.


On a completely different note: I have to b*tch about the comment moderation. Sometimes the photos are IMPOSSIBLE to see! I don't mind having to enter the information, but I wish the powers that create this would actually use things that real people can see!

mommy of 2 said...

Damn Mayans.

Karla said...

Hope you are feeling better soon :) and can enjoy Christmas.


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