Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Love Letter, Month 35

Dear Kate,

You are 35 months old today.
What comes to mind first this month is just how very proper and mannered you are. The other day when you were having a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day" you said as much and then added, "I think I need to have some chamomile tea. It will make me feel better." And you like your tea hot, not warm. As it starts to cool off you insist that I heat it back up. So very British.

Your manners extend to most every area of your life.
You always chew with your mouth closed, you do not speak with food in your mouth and use a napkin throughout your meal if there is even a hint of food on your face. When people come to visit, you insist they remove their shoes. As soon as I get in the car and open the garage door, you tell me to put on my seatbelt. You have a strong sense of what is right and true and when rules are being broken. We went to see the zoo lights in Houston which meant being outside after dark. Alarmed, you said, "But we're supposed to be in bed when it's dark!" Fortunately, you can usually be persuaded to abandon the rules when there is fun to be had!
You are very much into crafts these days. If it involves lots of tiny pieces, stickers, glue, glitter, string, etc. you are all about it. Our trip to Houston was made much more enjoyable as many a day was spent working on some sort of project.
Once back in Chicago, you happily helped Nana finish up making the Christmas ornaments for the Kate and Lucy Christmas tree.
One of my favorite things you are doing now is mimicking accents. One minute you are speaking in your regular voice and the next thing I know I'm talking to an old lady from the deep South.

"Ahhm going to laaounge on this ca-ouch instead of eatin' breakfest."

You play the delicate flower so beautifully. Your super sense of smell got quite a workout this month as we took many trips to the zoo (I smell poop!), the aquarium (it smells fishy!) and an indoor rainforest (is there poop EVERYWHERE we go?)
Along with the accents, you are play-acting almost all the time. While in Houston, most of your toys were back in Chicago so you modified your play. You used long strips of leftover cardstock for kitchen utensils. The closet in the bathroom became both your "kitchen" and the place to put your babies to sleep. You were using books to direct you to Hermann Park saying:

"I know these are books but we're using them like maps."

Once back in Chicago you took all the pegs out of the pound-a-peg and used the base as a crib for your doll. With all of this play though, you always point out that you are only pretending, especially when I join in and take it too literally. Isn't it usually the parent and not the child who points out that this is all imaginary??

One thing you have not realized is imaginary is our new holiday friend, Charlie the Elf and his friend, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. You take great delight in finding him every morning and in telling him each night, "Tell Santa I was a good girl today so I can have a Christmas present! I would like sparkly shoes please!"
You have made a few leaps forward in both small and gross motor skills. You  learned to peel a clementine and a boiled egg which has made me so very happy. Yes, you will realize that small things like this will send your mother into spasms of joy as I am released from peeling food endlessly.
After only a few tries, you mastered flicking a vitamin wrapper across the table. This had the added benefit of keeping you occupied for about 30 minutes.
You are becoming more adventurous on the playground, following Lucy's lead when it comes to hanging and swinging from monkey bars, although you still insist someone "spot you".
You absolutely love to spin around and around on the tire swing and were thrilled when an older girl at the park provided the manpower.
I'm not sure if you are going through a growth spurt (you can now reach the water from the faucet on your stool--you could not when we left for Houston) or just a lot of emotional turmoil but your entire schedule has changed this month. I am hesitant to even breath about this as I fear it will somehow jinx my good fortune but here it is: You. Are. Napping. As in sleeping most every afternoon. As in, I GET TO NAP TOO. It is so unbelievably awesome that I have to steal myself from shouting it out to passersby and showing them a picture of you asleep.
This was taken back in Houston as the room was impossible to darken so picture taking was easy. I feared a return to non-napping upon our return but so far you've only not napped on one day in the past week.  Because of the late nap (generally from 2-4:30pm) you are going to bed at 8pm. Although you wake up around 6:30am you end up lounging around until 7am when your clock switches to daytime. Since you can now open your own door, I can hear your tiny feet as you run down the hall to wake us up...something you take great delight in doing.

This is your last month before you turn three. I still can hardly believe that you are not my little baby anymore but then I think that is a common trait amongst mothers. It is an oft-times breath-taking ride and certainly not for the faint of heart, this adventure called parenting. But I am truly grateful to be on it with you.


Elizabeth said...

I love the letters you write to your girls. I hope when they are older they will cherish them as they are such a wonderful way to record all the things they do and say, and who they are! Hope you are getting time to take care of yourself.

Stephanie said...

Oh, goodness! She sounds like a hoot!!
Sweet letter!


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