Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lucy's birthday party

Lucy's birthday party was a huge success today. She is telling everyone that she is "free" when asked how old she is. I promise I'm still working on her heart letter...I hope to get it finished tomorrow evening, especially since Kate's next love letter is looming large over me as well.

Please content yourselves with photos (and a couple of videos) from today's events.

Before everyone arrives, Lucy is glowing in her red dress (our gift this year from China) in front of her baby pictures. The picture to the left of her in the green blanket was taken three years ago today when she was a week old. It is the first picture we have of her.
 Ms. Julie got everybody organized and ready to sing and dance!
 Yummy food. The flowers are courtesy of Yia Yia and Pappou.
 Arnav's little brother is due on Wednesday.
 A yellow cake--it is Lucy's favorite color.
 Ms. Julie kept the kids engaged and entertained for 45 minutes--it was awesome!
 The parachute elicited squeals of delight.
The birthday girl got to sit in the middle while everyone raised her up and down and sang to her. She was beside herself with happiness.
 The most amazing thing happened as well. Lucy got up next to Ms. Julie to demonstrate all the moves to the Tony Chestnut song to her friends....without Kate!
In the video you will see that Lucy was very much aware of having Kate by her side. She has been amazingly solicitous of Kate in the past few days.
Lucy's 3rd birthday party from Lisa on Vimeo.
Kate was getting some more "fizzy water" since all the singing was making her parched.

Finally it was time for cake!
Of course I didn't get a good shot of her blowing the candles--I really need to put someone in charge of photos when it comes to these things. For the record, my cleft-affected child was able to blow out her candles all by herself!
Cutting the cake. Kate is monitoring the situation closely...
But Lucy managed to sneak in to get the first piece!
Christiana took over slicing thankfully.
Kate started to get a bit clingy towards the end of the party. It was to foreshadow the less-than-stellar afternoon that would follow...more on that later.
Ms. Julie broke out the bubbles while all the adults managed to visit just a bit more and eat some cake.
It's amazing how long bubbles can keep 14 toddlers deliriously happy.
 Max and Alison
 Jen and Auden--the newest member of our building.
 Sara was the only one left, nursing her week-old little Leo while everyone struggled into shoes and coats.
 Len got a little time with Leo while Sara and I visited.
We didn't open gifts at the party but Lucy did open her gift from Ms. Julie after everyone left.
As soon as she saw what it was she said, "OHHHHH!"
A yellow guitar!

I don't think she likes it, do you?
Sara is ready to head out with Leo and a bottle of bubbly.
The following video was taken this evening after Kate's hours-long meltdown had subsided. As soon as everyone left and the sugar rush from all that cake hit her bloodstream, she was a holy terror. Len took both girls outside to ride their bikes for 10 minutes while I heated up some lunch. They both napped but Kate woke up in the same lousy mood she went to sleep with. It only got worse as we finally got to letting Lucy open her presents. The concept that all of these gifts are for your sister and that your birthday will be in 6 weeks was lost on her. Suffice to say, it was not pretty (or quiet). Lucy was generous enough to let Kate open almost half of the gifts but Kate was still a pill throughout most of the afternoon.

After some supper and chamomile tea (Kate requested it saying, "I think I might not feel well. Can I have chamomile tea to make me feel better?"), she was indeed better. Good enough to sing some Christmas songs in fact.
Rudolph from Lisa on Vimeo.


Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic party! I love Miss Julie. Does she have any CD's? She should consider making some. You could sell them through your website or she could put on Etsy. I love the yellow guitar. What a perfect present! The parachute looks like a ton of fun. One question - how on earth did you pull of this in only a few days and after all you've been through in Houston!

Lisa said...

Ms. Julie totally rocks. Yes, she has one cd out and we made sure to buy it. I've forwarded your message to her--she will be honored you thought so highly of her! How did I pull it off? I was a project manager for a kitchen/bath design company in my former life. Old habits die hard.


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