Thursday, December 13, 2012

Telling time

Nana gifted us with a clock a while back that, frankly, until we went to Houston was not working in our favor. It had been in the girls' room (back when they still shared a room) and I think it was just too early developmentally for them. They had not yet learned to open doors so basically they just yelled for us to come get them as soon as they awakened.

As is usual with these two, vacations away from home seem to find them learning new skills. Last July they self-potty trained while in FL for 2 weeks. This time they learned to open doors and pay attention to a clock. I would like to state I am not being reimbursed nor sponsored to recommend this clock....it is just too good a product to keep to myself! Here's the link to the clock that we now own two of.

Because they cannot tell time yet, I was looking for something visual to let them know when it would be ok to get out of bed. This clock has settings for waking up in the morning and going to bed at night as well as naptimes. It is genius! It has kept both Lucy and Kate in their beds and quiet until 7am every morning. I also have it set for naptime from 1:30-3:30 which is way longer than Lucy sleeps but gives me a much-needed afternoon break.

And I usually can get a break...except when I'm watching the video monitor of Lucy sitting ramrod straight in her bed, facing the clock and willing it to change pictures. Or listening to Kate say over and over, "The dinosaur is STILL sleeping. Wake up Dinosaur!"

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