Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two Grandmothers

Fortunately for us, Nana is still here until after Christmas! I actually fear what will happen when she does go home as the girls are now calling her "Mama Nana"!  My mom and I did sneak away for an afternoon last week while Ms. Julie had the girls. We indulged in a leisurely brunch followed by a few hours in a coffee shop...I worked on Holiday cards and mom caught up on email and facebook.

Their other grandmother came into town this week for a quick visit. Yia Yia has been SLAVING away in the kitchen making all kinds of yummy Greek food like spanakopita and dolmades.
 The girls loved brushing copious amounts of butter onto the phyllo.
They were not nearly as excited about rolling dolmades...
Perhaps tomorrow when the baklava is being made! Yum!

Cuddling with grandmothers on the couch is the best part of the day! The girls love having yet another person to show them attention, especially if it involves reading with them or watching Rudolph on tv.
Today we gave Nana a break while Yia Yia and I took the girls to the chiropractor, the park and then out to lunch. Since it was such a frigid morning (snow flurries finally!!) we started our lunch with hot chocolates. The girls loved having big girl mugs and "frosting" on top of their drinks.
 Lucy needed a bit of help after pouring a large portion onto her pants trying to drink it...
Kate, as is usual for her very neat-nik self, spilled one tiny drop on her jacket (and was pretty pissed off about it) and used a copious amount of napkins wiping her face and hands after each sip.
Lucy had chocolate and whip cream all over her forehead, face, jacket, pants, table....but enjoyed herself immensely.
Tomorrow is Nana's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA!!) so we're going to have mani-pedi's (her first!) at the Ritz followed by afternoon tea.

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