Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vastly different from last year

Last year when we went to visit Santa the girls were A. Not real familiar with the concept and B. scared shitless.
It was not a happy event.

This year, to prepare for Santa's lap again, we did a lot of prep work. Len, Nana and I all took turns being Santa at home so the girls could role-play walking up to Santa, telling him their names and then answering questions about what they want, how old they are, etc.

They were beyond excited to get all dressed up and head to Macy's on State Street to see Santa. The new coats were an early Christmas present from Nana!
At the entrance to Santaland.
Waiting in line!
 Soooo Close! We're next!
 And there he is! Kate led the way and told Santa that she wants some sparkly shoes. Lucy said she wanted a Tinkerbell.
 Vastly different than last year!
 We then headed upstairs for lunch at the famed Walnut Room.
We had a nice view of the tree.
 A rare shot of all of us together...thanks Yia Yia!
 There were fairy princesses with magical fairydust and wishing stones. Here's Kate closing her eyes and making a wish. She told me she "wished we could go home". Once we saw Santa she was pretty much over it all.
I'm not sure what Lucy wished for but she was all about the glitter!
Another fairy princess.
And more glitter.
Heading out we stopped at the fountain to look at the water and get some snuggles.
Yia Yia is hoping to get back to DC by tomorrow but the impending winter storm may snag her plans. It was great to have her here for the week making all kinds of goodies and loving on the girls. And so glad she is part of our memories from this Christmas!


Karla said...

Great photos! What a fun tradition :)

Blair said...

Too cute! THanks for sharing, Lisa! Miss you all.


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