Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Pictures

I'm thinking I was a little harsh with 2012 in my last post. After working on our annual end-of-the-year video, I realized that the year was far from a wash. I mean, besides that annoying bit of news about cancer, it's been a pretty good year.

We have watched both of our girls blossom into delightful little people (and complete hellions on occasion). Lucy is talking up a storm, laughing easily as she delights in being a clown and generally seems much more confident of her place in our family. Kate continues to amaze and scare us with her vastly expanding vocabulary and powers of argument. It is obvious that they love their sister and, once the initial jealousy was conquered, are fast friends who watch out for each other.

Len accepted a new position within the same company which will allow him to continue much of the speechwriting work he enjoys while gaining some new experiences that will position him for future promotions. He has been a rock through all of our medical adventures this year and is often overlooked while everyone is concerned about me. He adores all his "girls" and I can think of no better man to show Kate and Lucy how they should be treated in future relationships.

I am doing much better than I expected after 6 weeks of radiation. My side effects are manageable and have mostly disappeared. But what I am most grateful for are the friendships we've made over the years, from here in Chicago, to Houston and DC. The group of mamas I call friends are wonderful...smart, funny, beautiful, strong, compassionate, and supportive. They have gone above and beyond, bringing over food, watching one or the other of the girls when I've had appointments, letting me vent or cry or curse as needed without judgement, loving my children as they do their own. It is, quite simply, amazing.
2012 in Review from Lisa on Vimeo.

The music is Amazing by One Eskimo


linxx said...

Aww, Lisa, I love it! What beautiful pictures and wonderful moments!! Henry and I watched it together and he asked me to play it again :).

I'm so happy to hear you're doing very well; hope we can have another play date some day...maybe in Chicago :).

I wish you and your family all the best in 2013, Lisa!


Lucy R said...

This video made me tear up! Beautifully done, Lisa. I miss you and look forward to seeing you again later this year. Thanks for including me :) Tell the girls Miss Lucy says hello.

Lisa said...

Thanks Linda and Lucy--I look forward ot seeing you both when I come back to Houston in May!


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