Friday, January 11, 2013

A trip to the seashore

I managed to drag my achy body far, far west of the lake to have a seaside experience. And here's where I'm going to go off on what seems like a tangent but is in fact crucial to the seashore visit.

I started to feel quite sick last Friday and thought I was finally succumbing to the cold that has been making the rounds in our family. I slept all day Friday (thank you Ms. Julie!) and followed that by sleeping the entire weekend. Len took the girls to Luke's birthday party on Saturday.
 Notice that our girls are, once again, first in line next to the birthday cake.
On Sunday he took the girls to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum to meet up with Lina and Gustav. They got to feed a turtle.

I thought, surely by Monday I would be better but I was actually worse. I muddled through, collapsing as soon as Len would come home, leaving him to feed, bathe and bed the girls on two nights. By Thursday, when the severe cold pills had run out with nary a dent in my cold, I packed up the girls and headed to the doctor. Lucy, despite green snot, was pronounced fine, not signs of infection. Kate had fluid in her right ear but unless she has a temperature, no worries for now. I did not get the same verdict. Acute sinusitus. I walked out with a scrip for penicillin and an empty box of tissues.

This morning I looked at my calendar and saw that I still had reservations to be at the Galos Salt cave by 11am. It is touted as a curative for sinus and respiratory ailments so I decided to slog across town to see if it would help. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my nose, for the first time in a week, opened up and stayed open throughout my time in the cave. It was amazingly restful, so much so that I nearly fell asleep listening to the sound of waves and music intertwining in my fuzzy brain.
Although children are encouraged to come, there were none during our session. When I asked at the desk they said that they try not to schedule a packed room of adults when there are children booked. Actually, two little girls were in the session right before mine and gave it a thumbs up. It was not their first experience...they said they loved coming to play in the salt.
I have 4 more Groupons to use up so perhaps I'll take the girls next time around.

For another view on the caves, this blogger did a really nice job of summing up the experience.


Elizabeth said...

Hope you are feeling better. The cold and flu bugs this year seem to be particularly nasty across the continent! The caves sound fabulous! Somebody had a good idea to build one!

Cynthia Gallaher said...

Lisa, Just read your comment on my blog post about Galos. That post was from way back, but it's always a new experience every time I visit. Yes, your kids would enjoy that glowing wonderland, too. Hope you'll be back. Cynthia


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