Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First swim lesson

The girls had their first swim lessons today. Each had a separate teacher which was good and bad. Good in that they are learning to do things without the other, bad in that it's much harder to take pictures!

I thought for sure that Kate would be the one, based on how excited she was to go, to jump right in and be all happy. Turns out she was near tears for a while and I ended up having to sit next to the pool to encourage her. Lucy was across the way and didn't seem to need me at all. She had a male instructor (she is also doing much better with a male speech therapist so maybe it's a guy thing) and loved her time in the water.
 Kate wanted to get out so I just took off her goggles and talked her back in.
 She's still not too sure about a stranger taking her out into the water without mama.
 Meanwhile, across the pool, Lucy is happily playing with a watering can, waiting her turn.
Still not real keen on this...
But things got better when she started kicking!
 Then she wanted her goggles back on so she could really kick!
Lucy, still clutching the watering can, getting comfortable floating on her back.
And that was that. We'll do this once a week as our winter/spring activity. I can't remember how long it took me to learn to swim so it'll be interesting to see how good they are by the time we go to FL for summer vacation.

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Lucy R said...

LOVE the bathing suits! Two cutest girls I know!


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