Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Birthday My Darling Kate

Me: Do you know that 3 years ago today you were only a few hours old and was fuzzy like a peach?
Kate: No.
Me (musing): I can hardly believe it...
Kate: I can hardly believe it either.

I also can hardly believe that I'm having some of these conversations with my barely 3 year old who oft-times makes me feel like I'm speaking with a 43 year old.

Since we had another birthday party to attend today, we will be celebrating Kate's birthday tomorrow. She wanted to share her party with her friend Ava since they share a birthday--pics of that tomorrow. Which means Kate's love letter will be late as I want to include birthday photos.

Today was a great day though as we got to celebrate Leander's 3rd birthday at Pump it Up. The girls had a blast and surprised both of us again with who would be adventurous and who would not. Kate was the first to scale all the tall slides and strike out on her own in the obstacle course.
She was the one and only kid to harness up for the rock climbing wall.
She loved it and when she got fairly high, the instructor let her go and she got to float back down.
Lucy, much to our surprise, hung back and was only truly happy in the bouncy house for the first half of the playtime.
Finally, Kate grabbed her hand and said, "I'll help you Sister! Hold my hand and come with me down the slide!" I mean, c'mon! How melt-your-heart is that??
 Lucy still doesn't look too thrilled...
She finally got into it though and went down another slide with me on one of her trips.
Next it was time for a group picture...Kate is holding Leander's hand because Leander wouldn't keep his hand away from his face for the photo.
Next up was cake and true to form, my girls are front and center. They came running from across the room and squeaked into those seats next to Leander and thus, THE CAKE.
The birthday boy pauses long enough for a photo op (but looks slightly affronted for having to abandon his cake for even a brief moment).

We came home and had some lunch and let Kate open some of her presents. She got an ice cream cone playset from Nana.
 A dolly from Papa and Meme
 A Minnie Mouse dress-up set from Luke.
 And fingerpaints from Tita Wheez and Uncle Terry.
We spent the afternoon skyping with all the grandparents before having supper and bedtime routine. Tomorrow I'm making her birthday breakfast request of blueberry pancakes. Her party is in the afternoon and she's very much looking forward to it--especially her "pink cake with purple balloons!"


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Have a great party!

Heather H. said...

Don't you love how your girls keep you guessing!?!?

I LOVE the way Kate helped Lucy go up the slide. That is way too sweet!

My Ping Ping LOVES The Maine Jump, which looks about the same...absolutely full of jump houses and slides (no rock wall, though). We have gone off and on since last spring when she was a little over 3 1/2. They are GREAT places for burning off energy!

Happy Birthday, Kate! Hope you have a great party!


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