Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Heart Letter, Month 37

Dear Lucy,

You are 37 months old today.
Although your word repertoire is expanding, you still rely on two words most of the time: No and Why? So not helpful. And mind-numbingly grating after a surprisingly short while. One of the books you got for Christmas was called My NO NO NO Day and it has become one of your favorites. What surprised me most though, is that this is the first book where you have quoted correctly, word-for-word, a page in a book without my prompting.

Most of the people in your life that know you have said that your language has improved and that you are understandable most of the time. Unfortunately, when we took you in for your reevaluation with the speech therapist, you were listed with "a severe speech impairment characterized by phonological errors, speech sound production errors and speech sound substitution errors." On the plus side, you passed the receptive and expressive language portion of the test which means that in the short time you've been with us you are able to understand not only words but concepts, questions, directions, sentence structures, facial expressions and gestures.
You are a happy girl most of the time, only becoming frustrated when I won't let you take a short cut in your language. So many times you will dodge me either with your entire body or just in your language by mumbling  when I try to get you to repeat words more clearly. You just do. not. like. to. take. instruction. Period.  It is beyond frustrating especially since you want so much to be understood. Yesterday you really wanted some chamomile tea because your throat was phlegmy. You came up to me and said, "I yan dee". I knew what you wanted here is how the conversation played out:

Me: Lucy, I can't understand you. Can you say that again?
You: I yan DEE!
Me: You yan dee?
Me: Can you say, "I want tea please?"
You: Peas.
Me: Peas? You want peas now?
You: NO! I yan dee!!!
Me: Lucy, repeat after me ok...I
You: WHY?
Me: I
You: I!!!
Me: Want
You: Wan
Me: WanT
Me: Tea
You: Dee
Me: T T T
You: T T T
Me: Tea
You: TEA!!!
Me: Please
You: Peas
Me: Pah Pah Pah
Me: Lah Lah Lah
You: NOOO!
Me: P  Lease
You: P eaaaaaseeee.

Close enough kiddo.
Speech therapy is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!

You made great strides with Santa this month. Last year Santa was a big scary fat man in a very unflattering red suit. This year, well, let's just say you are enthralled. You and Kate got all dolled up in preparation for meeting him.
After telling him what you wanted for Christmas (Tinkerbell and some sparkly shoes), you happily climbed onto his lap for a photo.
And on Christmas morning you were so excited to see that Santa had indeed come and eaten the cookies and drank the milk, filled our stockings and left presents under the tree.
You have enjoyed the attention of two of your grandmothers this month. Nana (and her fuzzy slippers) stayed with us through the holidays much to your delight.
Your obsession with soft, fuzzy items on your face continues unabated. When you weren't  facedown on her slippers, you were on the kitchen mat.
Fortunately, you would still snuggle up on the couch as long as you had either your kangarooie or your puppy.
Your YiaYia was here for a week which provided you with lots of opportunities to help cook, one of your absolute favorite things to do. You helped her with baklava and with spanikopita, both of which require copious amounts of butter to be painted onto phyllo dough.
Our weather took a turn towards winter which has thrilled you. One of the things I love most about you is your ability to delight in your surroundings no matter what the weather. Rain? Bring on the wellies and umbrella! Hot and humid? Let's go to the pool! Cold and snowy? Time for snowballs and hot chocolate!
You and Kate are play-acting a lot more now. There are some amazingly wonderful times when you both will play harmoniously for nearly 30 minutes, involved in some intricate storylines involving dolls and cookware, strollers and playclothes, with no input needed or wanted from me. Because of both the weather and your ability to involve yourselves in role playing, Ms. Julie takes you both to the Swedish Children's Museum on a regular basis now.
I love having you in our family Lucy. You are a happy, funny, smart and beautiful girl. You've come so far in one year and I can't wait to see what this next year holds for you. No matter what the year holds, I have no doubt that you will not just survive, but thrive and grow and bloom.



Heather H. said...

Hi Lisa. She certainly is growing up. Since she's 3, the SLP might prefer to be alone with Lucy. That is really up to you if you feel comfortable with that. Sometimes the child will definitely work much better, but you lose out on learning firsthand what they do. I can't wait to see how she does.

Elizabeth said...

Another wonderful letter! I do so hope that one day I may borrow this beautiful idea. Lucy looks so grown-up in the last picture! You have the patience of a saint!
Happy New Year, Best Wishes to all of you for 2013,


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