Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kate's and Ava's birthday party

Kate and Ava were born on the same day and first met when they were a mere 6 weeks old. Ava's mom, Alison, and I spent a couple of hours this afternoon decorating a rented party space for their soiree. The girls were ready for the fun to begin!
 Leander looking dapper!
 The cakes which were delish!
Mardi Gras was the theme....minus the Hurricanes.
 Gustav checking out what Lucy is eating.
 Ava and one of her friends from preschool.

 Ms. Julie got them all up and dancing.
Leander and Ava are very focused on what Ms. Julie will do next.
Bouncing frogs on the parachute is always popular.
But not as much fun as having your parents spin you around on it!
 The birthday girls got their own ride up and down!
Want to see a bunch of kids LOSE THEIR MINDS? Just bring out the bubbles.
Finally (according to Kate this part took way too long to happen) it was time for cake!
Very focused on the candles.
Ava was ready to blow out her candles!
At 5pm the party was over and it was time to return the party space back to its original look. Max kept the girls occupied while Alison and I finished up the last bit of cleaning and Len loaded the car.
When we got home, Kate was so tired that she wasn't eating any supper. She asked to go straight to bed....she didn't even want to open any of her gifts or take a bath. By 6:30 she was out. But she did say before going to sleep, "Thank you Mama--I had a great birthday."

I saved a few pictures of the day for Kate's love letter which I hope to write by tomorrow evening. For now, I'm spent and am headed to bed.

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