Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love Letter, Month 36

Dear Kate,

You are 36 months old. Three YEARS OLD!! 
Alas, this fabulous day happened over the weekend but since both of us have been sick for most of this month, your letter is a few days late.
What I remember most about this month is the size and scope of your monumental temper tantrums. What you remember most are birthday parties and Santa. And that is as it should be I suppose. 

Let me just say, for the record and before we move on to happier subjects, that your ability to hurl yourself onto the floor while simultaneously kicking all four limbs and screaming at the top of your lungs is no trifling affair. You have applied yourself diligently to perfecting the art of "Toddler Temper Tantrum". Congratulations, you earned an A+. Can we move on now please? Perhaps to the art of "Happy Helpful Child Who Laughs and Sings"? Because when you are in a good mood, oh! you are just the most delightful thing on the planet!
Now. Christmas and Birthdays. Santa, Rudolph, Elf on the Shelf, and pink birthday cake have consumed your thoughts this entire month. To say you were excited to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas would be an understatement. You were ready months ago...but finally the day came and we set off to see Santa.
You had no fear whatsoever this year, marching right up and saying, "I would like sparkly shoes please!" when asked what you wanted for Christmas.
When the fairy princess came to our table with magic fairy dust you solemnly closed your eyes and made a wish. Unsurprisingly, you have kept the small round wish stone she gave to you safe in your special drawer and can find it at a moment's notice if asked.
Your favorite thing to do now is to sing all the Christmas songs at the top of your voice. When you aren't singing, you are constantly talking to yourself, making up little scenarios and stories, loving especially to play with words in songs, switching them up or rhyming a string of words together.
I must say that you make me laugh every single day with some of the stuff you come up with to say. Here's a small sampling of this month's Kate-isms:

Me: Kate, for the 10th time, PLEASE put on your pants!
You: I am, MOTHER!

(Really?! MOTHER? How old ARE you, 15??)
You and Lucy wanted to use our bidet so Daddy was taking you back to our room. I was giving Daddy a few instructions for how to use it with you. You were listening and when I was done talking you looked at Daddy and said, "Why do you not know what you are doing?"
“I think I need some lunch. I’m starting to fade.”
You: I'm 3 now!
Me: Yes.
You: When I'm 3 1/2 will I still say "No" all the time?
Me: Absolutely not. You will always say "Yes M'am" when I ask you to do something.
You: Silence....followed by a sly smile and "Noooooooo! Silly Mama!

(Hey, I can try right?)
"My birthday is taking forever to get here."

Believe me, it felt like it took just as long to me my love. 

But come it finally did and with it your party. You chose to share your party with Ava and were very excited to try her purple cake and to share your pink cake.
Your favorite gift was the pink guitar from Ms. Julie. As soon as you saw Lucy's yellow birthday guitar last month, a pink guitar was all you could think about. It was, in fact, the only gift you wanted to open at your party.
This has been a big month of transitions for you. You became very attached to your Nana in the past three months and her departure left a big hole in your heart. 
Nearly every day you mention her and wonder what she might be doing or when we will see her again. When you got a card in the mail from her you mused, "It was nice of Nana to send this card so I can think about her."

I was happy to find that on your birthday you asked to Skype with not only Nana but with Meme and Papa and Yiayia and Pappou. Your Yiayia came for a short visit this month and you loved the extra attention, if not the "messy butter" project in the kitchen.
We began swim lessons this month and to my amazement, you weren't very sure of yourself until close to the end of class. 
I say amazement because you are generally the adventurous one when it comes to instruction or learning something new. You were the one and only kid to harness up and attempt the rock wall at Leander's birthday party, reminding me of last summer when you stepped right up for bungee jumping.
You keep me guessing that's for sure! One minute you are happy, holding hands with Lucy and singing away about fairies and flowers and the next minute you have hauled off and hit your sister and run away with her kangarooie. Let's concentrate more on the flowers and fairies this month mmmmmK?
I love you Katie bug. Happy birthday to you!


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