Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New swim teacher

Lucy was still an unhappy camper in swim class. She spent the first 10 minutes of class crying for me and was on the verge of a meltdown. It didn't help that she could see Kate in the other lane but not get to her. As luck would have it, there was an opening in Kate's lane as one of the students advanced to another class so after consulting with the teachers and lead instructor, they agreed to move Lucy to be with Kate and her instructor, Ms. Sarah. Things went MUCH better after that. Even better, the other student was absent yesterday so it was only my two girls with the teacher.
No sound on this video as I was in the viewing area but you can get the gist of the situation.
Swim lessons from Lisa on Vimeo.

After swim lessons, we hit the nice warm showers which the girls love since they get to wash their own hair. This is followed by the "hair salon". With the temps in the single digits, drying their hair is a must as it would probably freeze to their heads on the short walk to the car.
Then we spend a little time in the play area and by the time we get home it's lunchtime. Pretty much kills a morning but they were much happier yesterday than in previous visits.

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Elizabeth said...

I hope you have two little fish soon! I believe swimming is a life skill. I'd be most interested in reading your friend's Erin research about blogging. Although far from technologically literate, I find keeping a blog helps with the waiting and allows those of us that share adoption, wherever we are in the process, to offer encouragement and support in what at times feels like a vacuum!


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