Thursday, January 24, 2013

Palate Expander

Lucy will no longer wear her mouthpiece, the infant trainer, that she got from the dentist last year. Kate will continue to wear hers. Lucy has now graduated to palate expander retainers. These are designed to
S L O W L Y expand her palate and lower jaw to create more space for her tongue. Right now she has significant tongue thrust and still has some suckling behavior left over from infancy. These appliances will help her position her tongue better for making all the sounds in speech therapy as well. They stay in 24/7, only removing them once a day for brushing/flossing. Sounds gross to me as I would want to take them out every time she eats but he said it would be fine.

Here she is having the bottom retainer installed at the dentist. She was such a good patient and was excited to get "jewelry for her mouth"!
 She picked out her colors during the last visit. She chose sparkles for the top retainer.
 And her favorite color, yellow, for the bottom.

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mommy of 2 said...

It's amazing what they can do these days!


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