Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sick again

I guess my immune system has taken a hit later rather than sooner. I took my original round of penicillin and finished it up but I never felt back to normal. Within a week, the same symptoms returned so I called the doctor and was put back on penicillin, this time for a 10 day round. This morning I woke with a full-on head cold. So. Sinusitus AND a head cold. The symptoms of the head cold actually started yesterday after I went to the chiropractor followed by the a 45 minute rest in the salt cave. Both of those treatments served to open my sinuses and boy, have they ever opened. My nose is a veritable fountain.

It's so unusual for me to be sick and I am SO NOT a good patient. Looks like we're in for one long weekend.

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Lynn K said...

Rest up and feel better.

Lynn K said...

Rest up and feel better soon.


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