Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three year checkups

Kate and Lucy had their three year checkups today. They were model patients as usual, sitting up on the table together, breathing in and out when asked, saying "AHHHHH" and generally charming the staff. I have to say that these are the moments that I live for. In this job there are no annual reviews, raises, or bonuses for a job well-done. There is only the comment from my doctor to his intern:

"I told you you would enjoy these girls. They need to be hired out to model for other children on how to behave in the doctor's office."

I may be able to live on that comment for a good long while.

Here are their updated stats (with their stats from July 17, 2012 in parenthesis):

Recumbent length: 37" (36")
Weight: "a hair under 29 lbs" (28 1/4 lb)
This puts Kate in the 25-50th percentile.

Recumbent length: 38 1/4" (37 1/2")
Weight: 32 1/4 lb (30 1/2 lb)
This puts Lucy in the 50-70th percentile for American children, not Asian. According to the only Asian growth chart I could find, she's above the 50th percentile in both kg and cm. So I'd say she's doing okay!

We all seem to be on the mend from the round of sickness that felled us in the past few weeks. I just finished up my penicillin and am only left with the occasional cough. The girls both still seem to have phlegmy coughs but their lungs are clear with no sign of infection in their sinuses, etc. Len has been fighting a low-grade cold all week but has soldiered on through it.

Fortunately, we have a much needed very low-key weekend coming up. The girls have even commented about how they really just want to stay home and play for a while. We've been so swamped with doctors, dentists, speech therapy and swim lessons that we're gone nearly every day. After this morning's outing and subsequent naps, the girls and I lounged in the recliner for darn near an hour, snuggled under blankets while I told them the stories of how/where they were born and how they came to be sisters.

It was delightful...an hour that happens all too infrequently but is the sweeter for it.

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