Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza

The girls left the Easter Bunny a note and some jelly beans last night.
A close-up of the note they left. Both girls are getting better at writing their names!
The Easter Bunny got right to work as soon as the girls went to bed. Here is Lucy's basket.
 And this is Kate's.
He even left a note for the girls to see today!
 Right after breakfast we checked the landing to see if E.B. had shown up and he had!
 They wasted no time...
Kate set to work using her new scissors.
 Before our friends arrived we opened gifts from Uncle Terry and Tita Wheez. Sticker fun!
Then it was time to head out for the egg hunt. Len and Ms. Julie had gone down earlier to help E.B. hide eggs. Our friends arrived bearing food for the brunch later.
 Ben's not too sure about this...
Lucy bailed on the front yard where everyone was and headed to the backyard so she could have them all to herself. Smart girl.
Lucy D. found some hiding under a bush.

Lucy X. didn't let spiny branches deter her.
Beautiful girl.
Ben has quite a loot.
The only way we could get them to look was to tell them we saw the Easter Bunny. Kate didn't buy it.
Jon, Josephine and Ben
Fernando, Christy and Lucy D.
 Kate decided to have a meltdown right as it was time for our family pic. Ah well, at least it's an accurate representation of life with a 3 year old.
Once upstairs she calmed down and was back to her happy self...making faces with Ben.
 The eggs were quickly looted for their treasures.
And we tucked into brunch...
 and mimosas!
Hope everyone had as great a day as we did. And a big shout out to Paivi for the cute outfits! They loved their new "spring" clothes.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting ready for the Easter Bunny

The girls are way more excited this year than last about the coming of the Easter Bunny. I love that I can really see a difference in how they've grown and are becoming kids and not just toddlers anymore. Life is so exciting to them! We spent the afternoon making Easter eggs with Ms. Julie.
While the eggs were drying we headed downstairs to "plant" jellybeans. Apparently they will grow into lollipops by Sunday according to Ms. Julie.

We wrote the names of our friends who will be joining us for the hunt on Sunday, Ms. Julie, Lucy D. and Ben, on some eggs before dyeing them.
Len got home early and spent some time helping the girls welcome the Easter Bunny to our home with chalk greetings. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Do's

The girls got new haircuts today. Kate in particular has been asking for short hair for at least a month. She can't stand to have her hair brushed, she hates it in her eyes, she won't let me put bows or pigtails in. In short, it's a bother to her. So, I started collecting cute short hairstyles on Pinterest and we sat down last week and looked at them. Both girls chose their favorite style so I booked an appointment for today. We sat down again right before their cuts and they both still chose the same cuts so we moved forward.

Here's Lucy getting her new do in an actual salon this time. She was so excited that she opted to go first.
Lucy loves having long hair but since the back is still much shorter than what is on top, we chose to cut it up to meet it so it will grow out evenly.
She sat quite still most of the time which is amazing for her. We did the ends kind of choppy and jagged to give her a little edge. She loved it. Here's the front view and next is the side view.
The iPad kept her busy while Kate got her hair done.

Kate chose a pixie cut. I must say I was very sad to see the 7" of hair being cut off...
 One side is done...
Now for the bangs.
 The smile says it all--she is thrilled with her new look.
When she looked in the mirror she said, "I look like Ben!"

Ben is one of her playgroup buddies...and her hair is very similar to his now!

Actually, she looks a lot like me when I was 3 years old. See?  It's uncanny how much she looks like me in the pictures.
Kate and Lucy's friends Naia and Sloane who live near the salon came by to see the new cuts.
Once we finished up we all went to the nearby park to run out all the stored-up energy from sitting so well in the salon chairs.


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