Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update on Lucy orthodontics & speech therapy

We had an appointment today to get the girls' teeth cleaned and to check Lucy's underbite progress. Both girls got a clean bill of teeth-health and Lucy had a stellar improvement with her jaw alignment. The last time Lucy had indicator measurements taken for her underbite was February 15, 2012. At that point she measured 24mm. She got her face jewelry to correct for her underbite on March 13, 2013. Today's measurement was 29mm which is a 5mm improvement in only 3 months! Amazing. She now has her top teeth in front of her bottom teeth for the first time in her life.

Pictures can kind of show the progression. Here are the photos taken at the dentist in Feb 2012 (they look suspiciously like mug shots...)
 And here are the photos I took today:

You can really see it in this photo.
I asked how long she will have to wear all these appliances and his response was, "Until her bite is corrected and her tongue has enough room in her palate to keep the teeth in position. Once that happens we can monitor it and if her jaw starts to misalign we will reintroduce the appliances."

On that note, Kate will get fitted for her mouth jewelry in August. She has the opposite problem, an overbite. The beauty of all of this is, by fixing these jaw alignment issues while they are so young, we can avoid a lot of the braces, tooth extractions, and even in very severe cases, jaw breaking, that would be required to fix it as they grow older.
In terms of speech therapy, Peter gave Lucy an expressive language test last week and she scored above average. With 100 being average, she scored 108. She still does not recognize the letters of the alphabet yet and so failed that portion of the test which brought her scores down. Remarkably, she did quite well in almost all the other areas. She has come a long way in 1 1/2 years!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Super Moon

Saturday and Sunday night I headed over to the Lake to see the Super Moon while Len stayed home with our sleeping beauties (and watched the hockey game...).

These are from Saturday night.

 You can really see how bright it is when you compare it to the lights of Chicago.

And these are from Sunday night. I got a little steadier with the camera and found some better settings for closeups. I also got there right as the moon was coming up over the water and through the clouds.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sara's last brunch

And the girls' last soccer Sunday together. Sigh.

Alek's husband took this right as we were finished and ready to leave. We said goodbye with a bound photo book from our collective pictures for the past 3 years. It was pretty amazing to see how our little ones have grown up together.
 Luke and Marc are ready for the Cubs game!
Len got a few shots on his phone of the girls saying goodbye. Lina has always been a hugger but Lucy is, for the most part, not amenable to hugs, especially from other kids. Unless it's Kate. And now, in the past couple of months, Lina.

And because I'm ready to cry looking at these pictures (which makes it quite difficult to type), I'm going to sign off. I feel like I'm losing one of my daughters and a best friend...but as Kate said to Lina, "We'll come to Sweden to see you!"

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lina's last playgroup

Thursday was Lina's last playgroup with us. Sara and fam have moved out of their condo and in with her mother until they leave to visit other family before finally departing for Sweden next month. It was my turn to host and the weather cooperated enough for us to put out the pool and sidewalk chalk.

Thank goodness the girls are finally learning to peel their own eggs...I hate the smell of them!
Sara had a rough morning and was being quite descriptive with her storytelling. I will so miss this about her...she has the best sense of humor and great storytelling abilities.
Ben getting a hug from his mama, Josephine.
Yikes, the water is chilly!

Our neighbors got stopped on their walk so Lucy and Kate could accost pet their dogs.
The dogs seemed to hold no interest for anyone else though...

Still monopolizing the dog.
 while their friends play
Still going strong...

Luke contemplating his next work of chalk art.

Aleks and baby Jude, Luke's brother.

The water was a tad cold, hence the purple lips.

Love this shot of baby Leo nursing and peeking past Sara's arm.

All too soon, it was time to head home for lunch and naps. The kids gave Lina their gifts. The first was a shirt with their handprints on it.
And next was a photo album just for her with pictures of them at playgroup, soccer practice, etc. The playgroup did a similar album for our girls when we left for Houston and it was a big hit.

One last cuddle with baby Leo.

We're all meeting for one last mama's brunch on Sunday while the guys take the kids to their last "soccer" practice in the park.

(And yes, that is a Hello Kitty tattoo on my arm. Whaddup?)


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