Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FL Vacation pictures, Part 2

Week 2 in Florida found us in Ocala at my dad's home. The girls were very excited to visit with Meme and Papa again and set right to work playing on the floor!
Who knew that handcuffs would be the favorite toy to play with? (Note to self: keep 50 Shades of Grey out of their library...)

We headed over to Drake and Lainey's house so the cousins could all play. Lainey showed the girls how to dive onto the slip and slide.

With some encouragement from Meme and Aunt Sherry, we removed the floaties from the girls' backs and spent the week teaching them to feel safe enough in the water to swim. Here's Kate's first attempts.

 Meanwhile, Uncle Dale manned the grill.

Swimming is hard work so the girls took a break while Meme pushed them in the float.
And then took a break for herself!

Lucy picked up swimming much faster. This child is fearless when it comes to physical activity. Before the day was out she had swum the length of the pool with no help.
Kate took another week before she would learn to take a breath when swimming.
 Buckle up for safety! Kate would not drive until she was securely fastened...
Lucy took right off!
A surprise of beautiful handmade necklaces arrived in the mail from Sandra in Houston.
iPad break.
We hit the mall for some bungee jumping. Lainey showed off her mad flipping skills!
Kate was ready to go!
Lucy, in contrast to last year when she wouldn't even get strapped in, hopped right up and happily jumped.
Kate kept trying to flip herself.
Lucy flipping with a little help.
Out for lunch with Aunt Sherry.
The girls practiced pedeling on Drake and Lainey's bikes.

 More pool time.
Supper at Stumpknockers provided some great scenery.

There is a brand new splash pad in downtown Ocala that we took advantage of.

The water was much colder than the pools or beach though, so playtime was shorter. Fortunately, sitting in the hot sun warmed them up quickly.
Lucy didn't feel good for about a day and, in a deviation from her usual sunny self, she didn't eat and just wanted to lay on the couch. Kate, as my "twins" do, copied her sister for the attention.
Some cuddles from Papa brought a smile to her face.
She bounced back when we took a trip to the Gainesville mall. Riding the train with Papa was fun.

The grandparents spoiled them silly with build-a-bear and new outfits.

Lucy's water buffalo was almost lunch for this alligator!
Somewhere along the line, I noticed that Lucy seems to have grown. Sure enough!
We took a trip to Uncle Donald's Farm which the girls LOVED.
They got to milk a goat.

 Even Meme got in on the action!
We took a hayride out to the pasture to feed the cows.
Lucy's favorite thing was to ride the horses. She still remembers his name, Apache or "Patches" as she called him.
Kate was on Sam.
Feeding the baby goats was a riotous affair and startled all of us as they came rushing to the bottles.
Kate was a bit dubious about petting all these animals...
except for the cats, her heart's desire.
There was a rather lengthy and elaborate brushing off process before we could get back into the car. I love Kate's face in this shot!
We headed for lunch at The Villages where the girls clowned around for a bit.

It seems the only naps Lucy took on our trip were in the car...she was out like a light nearly every time we drove for more than 15 minutes, which was a lot more than they are used to.

Both the girls kept asking, "Why can't we just walk? Why does everybody drive here??"

On our last day in Ocala, Meme brought out watercolors to keep the girls occupied as I spent the morning packing us up for the next leg of our trip, Daytona Beach.

To be continued...


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