Monday, July 1, 2013

Heart Letter, Month 43

Dear Lucy,

You are 43 months old today. 

This tree in our neighborhood has become the hide-and-seek tree. I love that both you and Kate think that if you can't see me, then I can't see you. I am constantly reminded that there is indeed a simpler way to view the world, that it doesn't always have to be so complicated.

For example, while walking around the block, you and Kate started picking out houses that you want to live in when you grow up. You wanted to live next door to Kate so you both made sure you found houses next to each other that you both would like. And that was that. It was all settled: Kate would live in the brown house and you would live in the house next door with all the pretty plants.

You've reached a lot of milestones this month. You now have an over-bite for the first time in your life thanks to the mouth and face jewelry.
This new movement in your jaw has enabled you to progress quite well in your speech therapy. Even though you have gotten very testy during lessons and have to be corrected often (put the cards back, stop grabbing stuff off the desk, stop jumping around the room, etc) you are still advancing. We are currently working on successfully saying the F sound without it coming out of your nose and getting your tongue in the right place to make the PL sound. When you focus you are able to do it!

Mr. Peter also gave you an expressive language test this month. You scored 108 which is above the average of 100. You did really well in every area except letter recognition.

We had our last ballet class this month and although you enjoyed yourself, it doesn't seem to be something you are particularly entranced with nor do you seem to miss it.
We had our last swim lesson this month as well since we will be in FL visiting family and friends for a while. You are making great strides and can almost swim by yourself to the platform in the middle of the pool. Once you can do that they will move you up another level. You are a very strong swimmer and you really enjoy every minute in the water. 

You absolutely amazed me by not being at all fearful of a rather large snake
 or a tortoise.
Your fear of bugs seems to have abated just a bit since we raised butterflies. We let them go this month and you were thrilled to see them fly and then land on flowers. You tried very hard to be still enough for them to land on your arm but alas, stillness is not your forte.

I'm not sure but I believe that you and Kate conspire sometimes to confound me. Where she has finally reigned in the tantrums and hellish behavior this month, you have now donned that hideous cloak and are becoming more defiant and prone to fits. You will yell, "NO!!" and then stomp your feet for added emphasis. You are not fond of the new rules in our house (1-2-3 Magic has been a godsend) but I have to say that I am a much calmer mommy so, yay me!

You have this fairly annoying habit of asking me "Forever?!" when I tell you you can't do something or you need to start doing something or pretty much anytime we are talking. You will inject, "Forever???!" into almost any discussion. And of course I always say, "No, not forever, just for now." So you were quite shocked when we were discussing Lina's move to Sweden and how this would be our last playgroup and last soccer practice with Lina. You said, "Forever?" and I said, "Yes." You were completely stunned. And I felt so sad for you because Lina has become your best friend. She is the only kid in our playgroup that you will allow to hug you and I know that you miss her terribly.

This has to be the hardest, or at least the most gut-wrenching, part of motherhood. Knowing that you must learn to deal with loss and heartache and being completely unable to shield you from it. You are a strong little girl and have already endured more loss in your life than any child should. The silver lining in this case is that we can still see and talk to Lina over the computer and, as you and Kate pointed out, take a trip to visit them in Sweden!

Although you are not very amicable to hugs from friends you do love to hold babies when given the chance. Your lucky day came when Leander's brother, August, woke up happy from his nap.
I think it is highly appropriate that you chose a butterfly for your face paint this month. You are very much like a little butterfly emerging from your chrysalis, beautiful and full of life, flitting from one flower to the next in search of adventure.

I love you my little yellow butterfly!

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

She is beautiful! Glad to hear she is doing so well, and here is to the hope that she will be able to say the F sound soon. My little one goes to OT therapy for eating, but not because of CL/CP. So days I just want to give up when she refuses to cooperate, but then I don't because I know she needs to continue.


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