Friday, July 12, 2013

Love Letter, Month 42

Dear Kate,

You are 42 months old today and HALLELUJAH! your mood and overall attitude has shifted dramatically towards the light! To say there has been a vast, VAST, improvement in your attitude this month would not do justice to the change. I am no longer dreading meals, snacks, dressing, leaving the house, coming back in the house, bathtime, tooth brushing, flossing, bedtime, or breathing. 
Granted, you can still be a pill sometimes, but sometimes is SO MUCH BETTER than ALL THE TIME. You are still a bit clingy with me, especially during our Thursday playgroup. You spend a good majority of the time doing this instead of playing with your friends.
I think you figure it is the only time you can have me all to yourself because Lucy is too distracted by other people and toys to bother fighting for my attention.

You have made it clear lately that you wish to have some things separate from Lucy, and not just dates with me. Your latest proclamation is that you want clothes that are separate from Lucy's because "Lucy spills stuff on our clothes and then they are RUINED and I can't wear them EVER AGAIN!". Not that you have a flair for the dramatic or anything. So we have divided up the dresses and put them in separate areas in the closet. Next up will be pajamas I suspect as you both have very definite ideas about what constitutes suitable sleeping attire.

In spite of this, you two continue to play well together and look out for each other in a group of other kids. You will tell every new person that we meet that "Lucy is my sister!" which is adorable (or "adorbable" as you say it).
Your newest obsession this month has been your balance bike. You are quite the little speed racer, hunching down and going as fast as your little legs will allow and then raising them up to coast until your bike runs out of steam. The thrill you feel as you realize you can balance on your bike is written all over your face.

We had a rather sad time this month as we had to say goodbye to Lina, Ms. Sara, Mr. Gustav and Baby Leo. You have known Lina since she was born and it is hard for me to watch how sad you are when you realize, once again, that Lina is not going to be at playgroup or soccer any longer.
You are, however, quite adamant that we will be going to Sweden soon for a visit. Let me know when you get the job that will pay for our trip and I'll get it booked pronto!

You've made some milestones this month including going to the bathroom by yourself and sitting in the dentist chair without me.
Thank you very much for both of those achievements. You are also practicing winking which doesn't have as much impact on my personal life but is cute and deserves a mention.

As always, you delight us all with your verbal deftness. Here's a sampling of this month's most humorous, and surprising, expressions.

Ms. Julie wanted to stack some blocks on top of a shopping cart and you said, “That’s not stable enough. You should stack them on the floor instead.”

You looked at a sign and spelled it, "O-P-E-N", then asked what it said. You recognize all your letters, both lower and upper-case. You can also write your name by yourself if you count having the K backwards and the A upside down.

You know there is a NO PARKING sign on a driveway gate on our street and normally there is no car parked inside the gate. On this particular day there was a parked car and you announced, quite indignantly, “The sign says NO PARKING!” I had to explain that the parked car belonged to the people who own the driveway.

Lucy: "I like my brand new shoes!"
Kate: "I like my dirty old clogs."

At playgroup, Ms. Christy overheard this exchange:
Lucy D:  "When I grow up I want to be a rock star."
Lucy (your sister):  "When I grow up I want to be a scary monster."
You: "I don't want to be anything.  I just want a cat."
Your new name for me is "Mama Drama" which highlights your ongoing love of rhyming. It sometimes even devolves into Mama Drami Salami. You crack me (and yourself) up!

While on vacation you dubbed yourself, Kate the Great. Never forget this level of self-confidence...especially as you get older and you start comparing yourself to others. You don't have to diminish yourself to make others feel better but also remember that there is a difference between self-confidence and arrogance.

Speaking of vacation, the latter half of this month was spent in FL visiting family and friends. You practically vibrated with excitement and levitated out of the pool when Karlie and the rest of the gang at Crescent Beach showed up to play. You and Lucy were the star attractions leaving your father and me not quite knowing what to do with all our free time!

You surprised Nana, Daddy and me when you walked over to his 1,000 piece puzzle and after a few words of instruction about how to match patterns, you picked up a piece and CLICK, got your puzzle piece fitted in correctly on the first try. You quickly lost interest though and headed over to the window to watch the thunderstorm outside.
After leaving the beach we headed over to Meme and Papa's where we got to play with your cousins, Drake and Lainey. You have remembered everyone and have had a wonderful time being the center of attention.
You are also getting in a lot of swim practice without floaties. You are so proud and we are too!

You are my little love bean, fruit bat. I'm so happy that you are having a better time of it lately and you seem to be pretty thrilled with the change of emotions as well. I call that a win-win.

Mama (Drama)

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