Wednesday, August 28, 2013

12 more days

Until school starts for our little ones. We had a parent-teacher meeting last night. As Ms. Julie is on vacation this week, Len stayed home with the girls while I headed to their school. Along with all the housekeeping issues (no nut products in their lunches, drop-off and pick-up procedures, etc) we also received their t-shirts for field trips which sent them into rapturous delight when they saw them this morning. We also had a list of things they would need for the first day, most of which I had already gotten.

After our social worker visit today (more on that below), we headed to the shoe store to get their "classroom shoes". These are shoes that they will wear when they are in class. When the go outside for play or to go home, they will put on their regular shoes. This keeps the classroom cleaner since they are on the floor quite a bit.

Here's what we have gathered thus far. They have lunch bags. Inside that we'll put their bento box lunchbox (the green one is closed and the pink one is open to show how it looks) and their placemats/napkin (these are the rolled up cloths near the bento boxes). They also needed toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrush, comb, a complete change of clothes, and six wallet sized photos (for their i.d., their cubby, etc).
I met again with Ms. Xiang, the lead teacher and also got to meet the assistant teacher, Ms. Qiong Wei Wu as well as some of the other parents. I snapped a few pictures of their classroom (of course I did!).

I love that the windows open to let in fresh air on nice days!
 This is a shot of the entryway where their cubbies are located.
There is a private bathroom located in the classroom as well, sized just right for little ones. I noticed when we were there for our visit last week that the kids just got up when they needed to go, took care of business and came back out to their work. It's such a different school experience I must say!

In other news, we had our 2 year post-adoption visit from our social worker today. The girls were happy to show Ms. Nancy their rooms and their toys. Lucy kept trying to get her involved in a game of bowling while Kate chattered her ears off! Otherwise, all went well and she'll write her report and send it off to our adoption agency where they will translate it to Chinese and send it back to her orphanage. We also had to send in eight photos that have been taken since her last (12 month) report. ONLY eight?? That was a hard job because c'mon! I have THOUSANDS of photos of my darling daughter that I feel are worthy to be shared....hmmmm. Maybe I should just send this blog link to China so they can see them all.

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