Saturday, August 17, 2013

Catching my breath

I've been trying to get back into the groove of being home from our month in Florida and only just now am I feeling some semblance of order returning. We've had a rather full schedule trying to accomplish a lot before preschool starts. Yep, the girls will start preschool this year. We've chosen a Montessori school that has Chinese immersion (specifically, Mandarin language) for 1/2 a day. Although they could go for a full day we've elected to stick to a 1/2 day schedule since it is 5 days/week.

We met their teacher and toured the classroom last week. They will be in a classroom with an age range of 3-6 year olds (pre-k through kindergarten), with 23 students in their class, one teacher and one assistant. At times there may also be a parent volunteer as well. The visit went exceedingly well with Ms. Xiang speaking to them in Mandarin and showing them what to do with their chosen activity. The girls responded quite well, settling down to their tasks, with Kate at one point telling me, "I'm very involved so don't mess with me right now."

After about 30 minutes it was time to go and tour the playground and Kate swiveled her head around and said, "NOW? But I want to staaaaayyyyy!" Lucy didn't say anything, choosing instead the passive route of the hearing impaired, blithely continuing on with her activity as if we had not said anything at all. I'd say those are good signs. The school starts for returning students on September 3 with the new students phased in over several days so the teacher can focus on a few at a time. Our girls start September 9.

We've had our preschool checkup as you saw in a previous post and next week we have another dental checkup. Haircuts and chiropractor appointments are scheduled as well as our on-going speech therapy. In-between we find time for fun.
While we didn't buy the hats in the above picture, they did pick out bike helmets (kitty cat for Kate, shark for Lucy).
Playing train at Lucy D's 4th birthday party.

 That's a big yummy cake!
 Here, have some!
Dress up has made a re-appearance in their playtime.

Christy, Jo and I spent a lovely evening by the lake, dining on cheese, pate, bread, fruit and wine. 4 hours later (and well past curfew!) we headed home.
Back in June, Ms. Julie gifted me a free overnight of babysitting for my birthday. Len and I finally found a free weekend and a good deal on a hotel downtown to make use of her gift. So yesterday afternoon I checked in at Hotel Allegro, got some tea and settled in to finish my book for book club on Tuesday. It's the first time I've actually finished a book BEFORE bookclub meets so Yay me!
Len walked over after work and after freshening up a bit we headed to Blackbird for supper. Everything was superb.
After supper, Len surprised me by popping open a bottle of champagne that we were given by a close friend when we moved from DC to Chicago. We kept thinking we would open it to celebrate Kate's birth, then Lucy's adoption, then then then....and it never happened. I'm so glad Len thought to bring it. Although I am not much into champagne, let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this bottle! It was very smooth and left no headache in the morning!
It is amazing how rejuvenating just one night of sound sleep with no early wakeup can be! We had a wonderfully relaxing Saturday morning and a leisurely breakfast before getting home just before noon.

Meanwhile, Ms. Julie's daughter and new baby grand-daughter came over to visit. The girls were thrilled to be able to hold Baby Nora.

Julie took them out for breakfast and then some window shopping before we all met back home for lunch. What a great way to start the weekend!

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Elizabeth said...

The girls' preschool sounds very interesting. I look forward to hearing more about it. I think you made a wise choice to only go half days. You are so blessed to have Miss Julie. What a special friend and extended member of your family she is. Glad you enjoyed your night away. I did the same for friends years ago but fooled them for a bit having them think they'd won a prize, then they recognized my phone number. This was before the days of programmable phones and speed dial.


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