Friday, August 2, 2013

FL vacation photos, Part 3

The final leg of our vacation was spent in Daytona Beach at Nana's home. Len had headed home to Chicago mid-week through our leg in Ocala which hit Lucy hardest of all. She had trouble for several nights, keening for him and for our Chicago home. We skyped as often as possible and Len sent several pictures of their rooms and toys which the girls looked at every day. As heartbreaking as it was to see Lucy's distress, it was comforting to know she was so attached to both Len and her home/bedroom/toys.

We were all excited to see the beach again!

Uncle Terry and Tita Wheez drove down from Atlanta for the weekend. Papa and Meme also booked a few days in their timeshare so we could all spend time together as a family. I am so grateful that my parents and Gloria all work together to make family time something that everyone can enjoy.

We spent the first evening of their arrival at Boondocks. While we waited for our table the girls fed bread to the catfish.

 And holy hell, the water was teeming with them.

The girls competed for Tita Wheez's attention at supper.
The next day found us all on the beach, the girls supervising (Kate) and helping (Lucy) with the installation of umbrellas.

Kate finally got involved by running for water to fill in the hole.

Papa, Uncle Terry and Lucy dug for sand crabs.
And found one!
The ice cream truck made a killing while we were there...

 We let our sand crab go as we headed up to the pool.
Meme finally got Kate to raise her head for breaths which made her swimming much less heart-stopping for me.

Papa snoozed while we all swam.
Italian was on the menu for the next night's meal. I love this picture because all of us are smiling except for my two little darlings.

Breakfast was at Crabby Joes  and was delish!

Back on the beach. In the background of this next pic is Nana and me with the girls. We took them out so they could experience riding the low swells as they broke over the sandbar.

I, too, got to enjoy a little me-time, floating on waves and enjoying the calm ocean. It was heavenly and I think is the thing that I miss the most now that we are home.
Back on shore, Lucy kept Papa company in a tidal pool.
The weekend over, we welcomed my old college roomate, Sue, for a quick overnighter. She entertained the girls with catch on the lawn.

The girls were jazzed to show off their swimming skills. The had moved on from simply swimming to diving down for toys! By the time we left Florida, they could both retrieve dive sticks/balls in 3 feet of water.
Nana taught them to pull themselves down by using the pole near the stairs.
 Before long, they were able to dive down on their own, using arms and legs to propel themselves deeper.

We found a lot of sea snails at low tide one afternoon.

 Both girls took the opportunity to say hi to the lifeguards...oh dear.

 Daddy's return to help us get home was greeted with much rejoicing!
We spent one last day in the pool and on the beach before packing up and heading home.

And that's it. It's over for this year. We returned to Fall-like temperatures and cold-as-ice pools. I took them to our local pool a few days after our return and we all lasted approximately 5 minutes in the water. They were both shivering and asking for hot chocolate instead of ice cream.

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