Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We've clocked in "finished" with our third day of school and I'm already exhausted. Pure. D. EXHAUSTED. And I suspect the girls are too. Although their school is only 7 miles from home, it takes 30-40 minutes to get there with traffic and we are so not used to driving. I've looked at it from every angle but there is no getting around that driving still gets us there faster than taking the train (and then a bus because it's still almost 2 miles from the train station).


Some observations about the girls since starting school, in no particular order:

1. Lucy is waking up with bad dreams in the middle of the night now. I wake up to here her crying and saying, "Mama, don't leave me!" Fortunately, she soothes right back down with a little back rub, a song and some kisses. This morning she said her dream was about a big dinosaur chasing her. We re-framed it together and said that it was her "dog" Flossie who was chasing her to get her to play. She liked that a lot!

2. When I check on Kate in the middle of the night she is almost always reversed in the bed now with her feet on her pillow. This is a new thing as she normally would get out of bed and it hardly looked like anyone had been in it all night. Now her blanket is all askew and she's all over the place.

3. Kate is practicing speaking in Chinese a bit. She makes up whole sentences with Chinese sounding words so it sounds something like this: Chong wei wu chong ching ching long goo. It's pretty funny.

4. Both girls have told me that there is a girl who cries every day in class. Her daddy drops her off and she cries. Ms. Xiang will pick her up and then she cries some more and wiggles to get down. They insist that she cries throughout the 4 hours of class but I imagine it only seems that way. Neither of them do well with other children crying, to the point that they cannot block it out to do their own play.

5. After much discussion and encouragement from Len and me, they finally used the bathroom at school. Monday and Tuesday they both said they didn't use the bathroom. Kate said she was afraid to leave her stuff (meaning her project) for fear someone would take it while she was gone. Lucy just said she didn't want to go because "the potty is different than ours." Today they both said they went and thankfully didn't race straight to the bathroom when we got home.

6. I expected them to be tired after school but unfortunately the 20 minute drive home (no traffic!) provides just enough low-key downtime to rejuvenate them. Although neither naps in the car, they still can't seem to settle for rest at home either. Lucy (my champion napper!) has only managed a 20 minute catnap both days and woke up both times much crabbier than she was before.

7. Both girls seem to want more snuggle time now. Len and I have been spending the time between supper and the girls' bedtimes snuggling with them on the couch much to their delight.

8. They both tell me they really like school and when I ask what they like most, they invariably say "Everything!" They each have an older student who watches out for them (Lucy has Alex and Kate has Ava) and holds their hands when they walk to the park. They love taking their lunch to school every day and "feel sorry for the people who have their lunch brought to them instead of having their mama make it because you make the best lunches". Melt my heart. They got to paint yesterday and today which thrilled them to pieces.

Because the weather has been unseasonably hot (my car thermometer hit 99 degrees yesterday) the girls have begged to go swimming in the lake after school. Since it was too hot to do much else (they didn't even have recess on Tuesday because of the heat index) we suited up and headed out both Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Lake Michigan felt divine even to this Florida girl! We all went swimming for a couple of hours before suppertime.

Hard to believe it's supposed to only get to 65 degrees on Friday! I'm so not ready for winter.

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