Thursday, September 5, 2013


Both girls seem to have developed snotty noses but Kate has been hit the hardest with coughing and a slight fever as of this afternoon. They are currently ensconced on the sofa watching a preschool show on tv and drinking cucumber water.

Earlier in the day, however, they were both badgering me to go outside and since it is a particularly spectacular day, I agreed that a ride around a block or two would do us all good. And it did for 3 blocks. On the final leg home, we got to the part of our street that has a slight rise where they love to coast their bikes and practice balancing.

They took turns going down the hill with no mishaps.

And then, it happened. They decided to come down the hill at the same time to race each other. You know where this is going. Kate was in front and somehow lost her balance and fell over. Lucy was right behind and as you can see from her face in the next picture, she knew she was going to fall too.
Lucy's bike ran into Kate's, Lucy flew over the top of her bike and landed on....Kate. Lucy was unscratched and nonplussed about it all. Kate was....not. She was more scared than hurt as miraculously, no blood was shed, not even a scrape. She has a bit of a bruise on her knee but more than likely just had the wind knocked out of her by having a very heavy sister land on her.  Glad we bought them helmets though!

Now to just get them both well enough to start school in 4 days. Will cook up a batch of restorative chicken noodle soup for the weekend and enjoy our last few days before they become students and not just my babies.

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Elizabeth said...

So glad they had their helmets on. Hope their cold is easier than mine. Two weeks now and not much sign of it shifting but then I got it on the day of my last chemo so immune system is pretty run down! Hope the girls are better and raring to go for school next week.


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