Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hurricane Kate and Tropical Storm Lucy

To continue yesterday's story, Kate and I ended up staying home while Len took Lucy to school. Kate didn't have any more nosebleeds nor did she take a nap but we spent some time puttering around, doing puzzles and playing dressup dolls.  Ms. Julie was able to pick Lucy up after school which was awesome. I got a short break while they all went to the park to burn off some energy and then I had to take Kate to the dentist for her mouth jewelry. Both girls were teetering on meltdowns all day though with their lack of uninterrupted sleep, no naps and new schedule taking its toll on them. Their teachers say they are so well-mannered and happy in school so I imagine it's just a relief for them to come home and "let it all hang out". Oh happy day for me....

But, back to the dentist. Kate was a perfect patient, very calm and charming to all the staff as she was fitted for her new mouth jewelry. Pink sparkles for the top retainer and plain pink for the bottom...she chose her colors last time we were there.
It takes a few tries to make sure it fits properly. The goal of these appliances is to widen and flatten the palate so that the tongue will have a place to rest properly which in turn keeps the teeth in place. Kate's teeth are already overcrowded (which is the same problem I had for which my dentist pulled 8 teeth when I was little) so by widening the palate you negate the need for tooth extractions and *hopefully* braces. She also has a slight overbite which this will correct as well.  This is a new area of orthodonture and is practiced in the Chicago area on children this young only by Dr. Boyd. He is leading the way in preventative orthodontics and speaks at many conferences around the world about his research. We can already tell that Lucy's speech and face/jaw shape have changed dramatically in the year since she's been wearing her appliances.
Picture time!

She was such a trooper that we were going to stop and get a small snack on the way home and then this happened...
Kate, who rarely falls asleep in the car anymore, was out. Rather than wake her up for a treat or head home and wake her up, I drove very slowly along the lakefront marina area and watched the boats and wave riders enjoying a beautiful afternoon. Kate slept for an hour before I had to go home to relieve Julie so she could go home. And that is when the spell of happiness was broken.

The rest of the evening was a total disaster. Kate woke up unhappy, both because she missed her treat and because her mouth was sore. She also just generally doesn't wake up happy after napping so add that to the recipe. Lucy was ALL OVER Kate to see her mouth jewelry which Kate was most certainly not amenable to so then they started screaming...SCREAMING!!!!, at each other. Did I mention they were screaming? Because that doesn't sound like a strong enough verb to describe what was happening.

I had them sitting down to supper by 5:15 but then had to move Lucy to the little table on the other side of the bar to separate them. Lucy just kept on nagging Kate about her mouth jewelry and Kate dug in her heels and refused to open her mouth (except to scream of course) so that made Lucy scream back and oh bloody hell, I poured myself a glass of wine and counted the minutes until Len walked through the door. And when he did he was blasted by the noise as well...he said he had heard it on the sidewalk and had hoped it wasn't coming from our house. A man can dream.

Lucy finished her meal first so I promptly whisked her into the tub and into her jammies before Kate was finished eating. Lucy didn't know what hit her. It so startled her in fact that she calmed down and settled in for bedtime stories and was asleep in her bed by 6pm. Len, meanwhile, had gotten Kate into and out of the bath, with her screaming bloody murder the entire time. She finally settled into a hiccupping quiet when he read stories to her. She was asleep by 6:15pm.

Len and I were so shell shocked that we sat on the sofa and ate our dinner in silence. We felt like survivors of a terrible, raging storm leaving us bruised and battered, wondering what the morning would bring.

Fortunately, the morning dawned sunny and smiling. Kate got up once around 12:30am to use the bathroom but both girls slept until a little after 6am. 12 hours straight. It's the latest they've slept for over a week. They were both in good moods and cheerfully headed down to the car at 7:30 this morning with no drama. We've got a chiropractic appointment this afternoon and then I think we'll head to the park to enjoy the 70 degree weather we're having!

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Elizabeth said...

I loved the heading for this post and you made me chuckle but I do feel sorry for you and the day you had! Hopefully the girls get better as school becomes more familiar and routine. It would be hard enough to do school in English but to add Mandarin to the mix. Don't get me wrong, I think the exposure to a second language is great, but it may be adding to the stress of starting school. The "mouth jewelry" is very interesting. It wasn't until you posted about Lucy's way back that I knew this even existed. Hope you have a good day on Friday. Just think TGIF my friend!


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