Monday, September 9, 2013

No Tears....unless you count Len's and mine

Today was the big day...THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER. Except for the traffic it came off without a hitch. Len and I walked them into their class for the first day and they set right in to changing their shoes and finding their cubbies. For once, Kate did not tell me that she cannot put on her socks. What do you know, she knows how to do it by herself and, more importantly, without whining.

But, back to the starting point. We left the house in what we thought would give us a cushion of time but, as traffic would have it, got us there right at the start of class. (I was happy to note that we were, however, not the last ones to arrive!).
It was hard getting a good photo of them before we left as they were VERY JAZZED to go!

Ms. Xiang is helping them find their cubbies and shoe bin.
Lucy was a bit shy at first but finally said, Ni Hao to her teacher.
Our last shot of them as they headed into the class!
I drove Len to work and then set off to investigate the neighborhood around the school. I think on some days I will be able to make it home to do some work but on others I'd like to have a place to hang out instead of driving all that much. I did find a Y with several morning classes so I'll have some dedicated time to actually work out now which makes me happy.

And then, I have to admit, I was dying of curiosity to see how they were doing so I parked on a side street when I knew they would be headed out for recess. And....yes, I took pictures. These look like paparazzi shots and no, I'm not ashamed to admit that I did this! Here they are headed to the playground. Lucy is holding hands with the boy in yellow and Kate is behind holding hands with a tall girl in pink.
 They had about 20 minutes outside (it is super hot today--90s!) and then headed back. Kate is in front this time with Lucy right behind.

Okay, I admit I was being a bit helicoptery with this but cut me some slack. It was their first day and I've been a bit emotional about this.

I picked them up right after lunch and they looked EXHAUSTED. Happy but exhausted. I managed to keep them both awake in the car by talking about their day. Lucy was actually more talkative than Kate. Kate was pretty darn quiet and I thought for sure she would nap when we got home but alas, no. She's been puttering around her room for 1/2 an hour for her "rest". Lucy is having a fitful time herself. Normally a very good napper, she took about 10 minutes to fall asleep and then only napped about 20 minutes. She has just woken up VERY CRANKY! Looks to be a fun afternoon.

One more thing. The teacher sent home this in their lunchboxes.
Lucy's is on the left and Kate's is on the right. They made their initial with glue and stars. Ms. Xiang gave them a postcard note and a little Chinese change purse.

Off I go, looks like my girls need a little mama snuggle time in bed instead of on their own.

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likeschocolate said...

They are getting so big!


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