Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Points for creativity

This morning started EARLY. Both girls were awake (AWAKE!) before 5:30am. It became painfully obvious that neither was going to stay in their rooms so Len got up and took a shower and both girls climbed into bed with me. Thankfully they have learned that if I have my eyeshades on they are to be quiet and they were until Len got out of the shower. Kate finally got up and went to play in her room while Lucy stayed with me.

Fast forward to a few minutes before departure for school, around 7:25am. Kate is decidedly uncooperative and making the process way more difficult that it needs to be.

Her thumb hurts. She's itchy. All over. Her tummy hurts. Her eye hurts. Her nose hurts.

And then....a gusher of a nose bleed. Unlike any I've seen before. It was truly spectacular and honestly should have been a scene from a gory movie. It just kept on coming, soaking up washcloths, her clothes, etc.

After about 5 minutes I managed to get her calmed down enough to keep her head back. We regrouped, got her changed and were heading out the door when she blew her nose and it started up again. Back inside and it's now after 8am. I got her to lie back down while Len took Lucy to the train for school.

I finally got her nose staunched by laying her on the sofa eating ice and watching tv. Len got Lucy to school only 5 minutes late which is amazing since they had to take a cab to the train (it's about a mile from our house and was arriving soon), then the train, then take a bus, then walk 1/4 mile to school. He said Lucy was great and in good spirits, looking at this new plan as an adventure.

Kate has just finished eating all of her lunch in addition to a second breakfast of sausage, cantaloupe and OJ. I'm seriously hoping we can both get a nap this morning since I was up late hosting book club last night and am the walking dead right now. Kate gets her mouth jewelry this afternoon so I won't get much of a break.

Is it Friday yet?

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