Sunday, September 8, 2013

Prepped and ready

Len is in FL for a guy's weekend so we busied ourselves with a few last-minute school prep items. They need to have a small plant so we went to Home D*pot and chose some hardy succulents (re: hard to kill).

Here they are posing in their new shirts (thanks Meme and Papa) and as you can see, Kate is in the "making-funny-faces-for-the-camera" phase.
Lucy chose the Donkey Tail Burrito and Kate chose the Split Rock. Both fit their personalities...Lucy's is a trailing plant and thus needs a hanging basket which I suspect was the real draw, and Kate is currently obsessed with rocks (judging by how many rocks I've found squirreled away in her pockets, purses, drawers, and backpack). I found it interesting that the description of the split rock says the "succulent pair of leaves forms a clefted egg shape known as a bi-lobe."
Next up was labeling all their clothes. O.M.G. It has taken DAYS to label and organize all their stuff. Even though the weather is still warm I went ahead and got out their clothes for fall/winter. It was so absurd to see their closet that I had to take a picture...(and this doesn't count the underwear, shoes and socks I also labeled).
Pants are on the top right, long sleeve shirts and sweaters are in the middle, dresses are on the bottom right and short sleeve shirts/shorts and skirts are on the bottom left. They also picked out their first-day-of-school outfits: the two dresses hanging on the upper left.

Next up was testing out their lunchboxes. I got them bento boxes that say they are leakproof as this was easier than buying a bunch of reusable bags to then clean every night (our school discourages use of plastic bags for lunch--part of their environmental lesson).

To test the leakproofness (word?) I gave them afternoon snack of applesauce, sesame stix, gummy bunnies and kohlrabi (interesting combo I know). They practiced setting the box on the table before opening (because guess what happened with Lucy's applesauce when she opened it sideways?). Kate, of course, wanted a placemat for hers before she would open it to eat.
Kohlrabi was eaten first (surprisingly before the gummy bunnies....).
So. That's it then. They start school tomorrow. I have such a mixture of emotions. Relief that we made it this far, happiness over how excited they are to start school (and for some free time for me!), and sadness that, with this milestone, we have left babyhood behind forever. Although I would not want to relive the infancy exhaustion I do understand why people have more babies...the soft snuggliness of a baby sleeping on your chest, wrapping a baby up on your body and going for a walk, and let's not forget BABY SMELL!  When I look back at pictures/videos of Kate I am instantly wistful for that time when we were cocooned together that first winter, watching her change every day. And although there is nothing I can do about it, I will always be sad that I missed all of Lucy's infancy.

Speaking of Lucy, we are coming up on our 2 year anniversary with her! We first met Lucy on September 19, 2011. Hard to believe she hasn't always been with us at this point. I'm working on a post about our two year mark: the good, the bad, the not-so-bad-but-needs-improvement. Hopefully, with them in school for 1/2 a day I'll have some more writing time!

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