Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Our girls seem to have contracted a pretty serious case of schoolitis. The symptoms include, but are not limited to, stomachachs, sore arm, sore throat, hurt toe, general malaise, contrariness, constant whining, sibling torture, irrationality in the face of obviousness, hunger, thirst, inability to sleep and/or stay asleep, random bouts of screaming, and memory loss for already-mastered skills like, say, keeping food in their mouths or water in the tub.

This malady spreads to other members of the family and results in a common ailment known as Momitis. The only known cure is a spa day. Daditis can result as well but is less common and can be cured with beer and football.

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Smitha Mathew said...

Poor kids and Mommy.

It is exhausting for kids. So far they thought it was all about play, fun and when not in good mood, torture mommy. Now they realize it all about rules, long days and teacher torture. Lucky are the kids who like to follow rules and find reading and numbers very interesting!!

As a defense to my little kid I would say those kids are not having any fun at home!! It sure would not apply when you have a mommy who is waiting outside to take them out and have fun. First year my whole being waited for that end-of-school time. I had the attitude "Give me my baby back people!!!!!!"

World has too much expectations from these little kids and you better be on the same mold as that teacher or you are in for a lot of rudeness - vocal and non!!!

It settles down a bit when they realize there is no choice and it is only getting tougher!! O's last year's Montessori started multiplication at age 4yrs!! The once who do not pick it up are labeled "not meeting school expectations." Don't get me going. Luckily I am pass the momitis. I found another school that was more gentler and she comes out happy from. Still I can see fumes coming out her head!! I wonder what the whole hurry is. It almost feels like the goal is to beat their own perfect self, so that we all grow up and in 20s, reach the end of the rope and get to a meditations class, where they tell you to be like a child!!

At the end of it all I keep thinking to myself, while education was not fun for me, I do not see why these subjects cannot be learned in a fun way. For addition, how about take the kids out to the staircase and play a game with them going up steps (for addition) and going down the steps (for multiplication). If you take 5 kids at a time kids would have so much fun doing it and it is self explanatory!!

I can keep going for days after two years of kids schooling ...


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