Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two years ago

It's hard to believe sometimes that Lucy has not always been a part of our family but today marks only two years since we met her. As I wrote about last year, a lot has changed since that hectic, drama-filled day in Zhengzhou.
Gone is the vacant stare, the sallow complexion, the fear. In its place are sparkling eyes, rosy skin and joy.
We celebrated Family Day last night with cupcakes and memories of meeting each other in a hot hotel room in China. We remembered how Kate said, upon meeting Lucy for the first time, "That's my Doodcy!" which prompted Kate to call her sister Doodcy for the rest of the evening and again this morning. Lucy wanted to know what she said to Kate and we had to tell her that she didn't yet speak English, so said nothing, just stared at her new sister and decided that they would like each other.

And happily, that is just what has happened. This morning when Kate could not find her "First Day of Preschool Crown" (aka her pink, sparkly headband) and started to cry, Lucy touched her arm and said softly, "You can borrow mine. I won't wear it today so you can wear it."

Len and I just looked at each other and smiled through our tear-filled eyes. We have two beautiful, smart, kind daughters. We are so very lucky.


ashley said...

congratulations on celebrating two years home with your Lucy. We are about to celebrate 3 years in October! I was just thinking this morning the day we arrived in Zhengzhou, and how we were handed a page of information on our daughter, her likes, dislikes, schedule, etc. I can't imaging life without her and not KNOWING her the way we do now. Happy times, and we are blessed mamas!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness how far she has come! It is absolutely amazing! China should be absolutely thrilled with Lucy's progress, her bonding and attachment. It is like she has always been with you! Although I imagine the girls have the typical sibling spats it is wonderful that they are so close. They will have each other as sisters and best friends and will grow up together not remembering a time without each other. They are almost like having twins.

Gayle Weiswasser said...

Awww. That's a sweet story.


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