Monday, October 28, 2013

Circle Time

YiaYia, Pappou and I got the chance to sit in the girls' classroom for about an hour this morning. The girls and I actually got there about 45 minutes late today but I'm glad we at least made it. Kate went to sleep at 5:30 last night and, although she woke up twice, she went back down easily and slept until 7:40am, which is usually when we leave the house for school. I decided to let her sleep in to see if the extra rest would help her feel better. She does not have a fever anymore but is still has a cough which I'm hoping doesn't turn into the cough that required a nebulizer to thwart.

For the first 45 minutes of observation everybody was working on various things from art to math to building enormous towers of blocks. Kate busied herself with learning to snap and button clothing while Lucy balked at having to work on math concepts. She really wanted to do art but the art supplies were all spoken for. Ms. Xiang sat with her and helped her with counting and finding the correct number of items to put in the bin. Kate came over to the same table and worked on counting and organizing beads. Soon enough it was circle time and songs. Kate, again, snagged a seat right next to Ms. Xiang.

The psychologist studying his subjects.
YiaYia and I watching our girls.
 After circle time they get into their coats to head outside to play.

 Lucy with her bestie, Alex. She LOVES Alex as you can see by her proprietary hold on his arm and the goofy grin on her face.
With a little more than an hour to kill before school pickup, we headed over to the French Market to meet Len for an early lunch.

They are both currently NOT napping in their rooms while I try to pound out a blog post before an afternoon of dealing with two over-tired children.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

YiaYia and Pappou visit

I'm sad to report that Kate is still fighting off some sort of cold. She missed school again on Friday and has been up and down with her fever over the entire weekend. Fortunately she has not repeated the highest temp of 102 but she is still lingering in the 100 range, mostly in the late afternoon and on into bedtime. Her fever breaks mid-morning and we have a few good hours but she plummets steadily as the day wears on. As of tonight, no fever but she was begging to go to bed at 5pm so we plied her with soup and got her into bed by 5:30.

Backing up to Friday...even though Kate stayed home from school, she was feeling well enough to go to a special Daddy/Child night at their school that evening. Len snapped a picture and although it is quite blurry, it conveys the love the girls have for their teacher, Ms. Xiang.
Unfortunately, that hour at school did her in and she was running a fever again by the time we got her home and into bed.

Saturday we had the pleasure of a visit from YiaYia and Pappou, in from D.C. The girls were excited to see them again, especially since we were going trick or treating on Clark Street.

Lucy is a puppy and Kate is a kitty, in case that wasn't obvious.

 We met up with their Josephine, Jon and Ben on our way.

We had planned to go to the Fall Festival as well but Kate was really not feeling well enough for that. Lucy took over getting candy for both of them, telling shopkeepers, "My sister is sick so I'm getting candy for her."
Meanwhile, YiaYia was trying to ply her with chamomile tea.
 We cut the outing short and spent the rest of the afternoon snuggling and watching Tigger, A Movie.
With YiaYia's lap occupied, Lucy took over Pappou's lap.
 Ms. Julie came over later that evening so we could go out for a grownup dinner. We had the most spectacular dinner at Store Front Company.
Today was spent trying to recover. Len took Lucy to the park while Kate and I hung out at home. YiaYia and Pappou came over around lunchtime much to everyone's delight.

 A few gifts of books, shirts and fun toys was well received...
although Lucy's favorite was the snowman YiaYia made for her out of the tissue wrap.
Lucy decorated it with black and yellow. When I asked why she said it was, "Poopy and pee pee snow from dogs!" Yes, we are in a potty humor stage. It's fun. No really.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

NOT two peas in a pod

Kate: Mama, I like mustard.
Me: Wha?
Kate: I like mustard.
Me: Ok.

Kate: I still like pink.
Me: Mrph.
Kate: Mama?
Me: Hunnnh?
Kate: I still like pink.
Me: Ok.

Kate: I need water. But only from the filter, not from the bathroom.

Kate: I love you Mama.
Me: I love you too bunny. Please go to sleep.

These were just a few of the conversations that I remember from last night. Let me back up a bit...

Kate and Lucy went on a "field adventure" with their school yesterday, to a pumpkin farm. It has gotten quite a bit colder here with highs yesterday barely in the 40s so I bundled them up and sent them on their way. I was supposed to go too but they had too many chaperons and not enough seats so I ran a bunch of errands instead. They came home with pumpkins and gourds but very, very tired. Both of them had fallen asleep on the bus and when it was time to go, Kate turned around and gave Ms. Xiang a long, heartfelt hug. It was so lovely to see Ms. Xiang hugging her and whispering to her that she was going to be alright.

We made it home and I fed them some soup then herded them towards bedtime. Kate actually asked to go to bed, which, if you know Kate, she NEVER does. She was in bed and asleep before 6pm. Lucy followed shortly and was out by 7pm.

All was well until 11pm when Kate staggered into our room pleading to "sleep with Mama". After a bit of shuffling around, Len ended up on the couch and Kate and I slept in our bed. And that is when the conversations you saw above occurred. Throughout the night, I was awakened by Kate telling me various random things that were on her mind.

She woke this morning with a temp of 102.4 so Len took Lucy to work on the train and I'm here plying Kate with liquids. She actually loves the concoction I made last night to keep in the fridge:
Slice lemons and ginger, put them in a jar and cover with honey. Scoop out a spoonful and pour hot water over it. Kate loves it and has stopped coughing which is allowing her to rest.

Her last temp check a few minutes ago was 102.2 so it's moving in the right direction. Poor bunny. This makes three days of missed school and it's only October. Preschool plague is hitting her hard.

Meanwhile, her sister is healthy as a horse and thriving in her new environment. They never cease to surprise me. If you had asked me in August who I thought would have a harder time transitioning to school I would have said Lucy, hands-down. But Lucy is enjoying the social aspect of it all; she comes home everyday with stories about who she played with and who said what to whom. Kate seems to be taking the academic track and comes home everyday telling me what the Chinese word is for pumpkin or water or milk or how to say "I washed my hands". She is always counting or singing in Chinese and her stories of her day revolve around Ms. Xiang or Ms. Qiong Wei.

They are so, so different. I think they will be quite good for each other in the grand scope of things.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Circus in the Parks

Our neighbor, Jen, told us about the Midnight Circus in the Parks so we all decided to go together. Events like these are what makes living in the city so wonderful...we were able to just throw the kids in the stroller with a blanket and walk to the circus. We got there just a bit early so we were first in line to get in.

We snagged seats right in front and settled in with some popcorn to wait for the start of the show.

Lucy took off to sit with Len and Mr. David (who were in the bleachers in back) as soon as the show started. The music and all the characters running around were just too much for her. Sensory overload doesn't even begin to describe what she was experiencing. She was so nervous for the performers. Len actually had to take her to the door of the tent at one point and assure her that the performers had practiced a lot and would not fall. Instead of being thrilled by the feats of daring, she was worried sick that they were going to fall and get hurt.

Kate, however, was all in.

Lucy was much happier back with Daddy and Mr. David.
 After the Intermission, Lucy decided to give the front row another try. The first act was a tight-rope walker.

 She got scared again and climbed into my lap.
 Kate tried to cheer her up.
Since my lap was occupied, Kate took advantage of Jen's open lap.
 The best part of the circus is watching it through your child's eyes. (I know...sappy...but very true).

The dog was a big hit!
Kate was so hoping to be picked when they asked for audience volunteers. Alas, she was passed over.

The finale of multiple jump ropes sent Lucy burying her head into me again. Way too many people jumping way too close for her comfort.

At the end, everyone is invited onto the stage for a sort of mosh pit dance party. Kate jumped right in. I could barely get a good shot because Lucy was hanging onto me for dear life and I was trying to keep an eye on Kate in the crowd (Len was still stuck near the bleachers).

This little girl was one of the performers and was a favorite for both girls. They wanted to get their picture taken with her so we followed her around like groupies in order to snag a shot.
The show lasted 2 hours and was really a great way to spend a Saturday evening.


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