Monday, October 28, 2013

Circle Time

YiaYia, Pappou and I got the chance to sit in the girls' classroom for about an hour this morning. The girls and I actually got there about 45 minutes late today but I'm glad we at least made it. Kate went to sleep at 5:30 last night and, although she woke up twice, she went back down easily and slept until 7:40am, which is usually when we leave the house for school. I decided to let her sleep in to see if the extra rest would help her feel better. She does not have a fever anymore but is still has a cough which I'm hoping doesn't turn into the cough that required a nebulizer to thwart.

For the first 45 minutes of observation everybody was working on various things from art to math to building enormous towers of blocks. Kate busied herself with learning to snap and button clothing while Lucy balked at having to work on math concepts. She really wanted to do art but the art supplies were all spoken for. Ms. Xiang sat with her and helped her with counting and finding the correct number of items to put in the bin. Kate came over to the same table and worked on counting and organizing beads. Soon enough it was circle time and songs. Kate, again, snagged a seat right next to Ms. Xiang.

The psychologist studying his subjects.
YiaYia and I watching our girls.
 After circle time they get into their coats to head outside to play.

 Lucy with her bestie, Alex. She LOVES Alex as you can see by her proprietary hold on his arm and the goofy grin on her face.
With a little more than an hour to kill before school pickup, we headed over to the French Market to meet Len for an early lunch.

They are both currently NOT napping in their rooms while I try to pound out a blog post before an afternoon of dealing with two over-tired children.

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