Sunday, October 20, 2013

Circus in the Parks

Our neighbor, Jen, told us about the Midnight Circus in the Parks so we all decided to go together. Events like these are what makes living in the city so wonderful...we were able to just throw the kids in the stroller with a blanket and walk to the circus. We got there just a bit early so we were first in line to get in.

We snagged seats right in front and settled in with some popcorn to wait for the start of the show.

Lucy took off to sit with Len and Mr. David (who were in the bleachers in back) as soon as the show started. The music and all the characters running around were just too much for her. Sensory overload doesn't even begin to describe what she was experiencing. She was so nervous for the performers. Len actually had to take her to the door of the tent at one point and assure her that the performers had practiced a lot and would not fall. Instead of being thrilled by the feats of daring, she was worried sick that they were going to fall and get hurt.

Kate, however, was all in.

Lucy was much happier back with Daddy and Mr. David.
 After the Intermission, Lucy decided to give the front row another try. The first act was a tight-rope walker.

 She got scared again and climbed into my lap.
 Kate tried to cheer her up.
Since my lap was occupied, Kate took advantage of Jen's open lap.
 The best part of the circus is watching it through your child's eyes. (I know...sappy...but very true).

The dog was a big hit!
Kate was so hoping to be picked when they asked for audience volunteers. Alas, she was passed over.

The finale of multiple jump ropes sent Lucy burying her head into me again. Way too many people jumping way too close for her comfort.

At the end, everyone is invited onto the stage for a sort of mosh pit dance party. Kate jumped right in. I could barely get a good shot because Lucy was hanging onto me for dear life and I was trying to keep an eye on Kate in the crowd (Len was still stuck near the bleachers).

This little girl was one of the performers and was a favorite for both girls. They wanted to get their picture taken with her so we followed her around like groupies in order to snag a shot.
The show lasted 2 hours and was really a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

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Elizabeth said...

What a great event and a creative way to raise money for the parks. Poor old Lucy! We had a performance group at school once that was so loud and over the top I just wanted to leave. Most kids liked it but a few hated it. I have volunteered to have all those that don't want to go for a movie or centre time in my room should that group ever come back! The group now travels across North America!


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