Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Heart Letter, Month 46

Dear Lucy,

You are 46 months old today. You have now lived with us longer than you lived in an orphanage! Yay for all of us!

This reminds me of a conversation we had one evening as I was tucking you into bed:

You: I wish I had two mommies.
Me: You do have two mommies. You have your birthmother in China and you have me.
You: But Kate doesn’t have two mommies.
Me: That’s right. But you do.
You: (in a sing song taunt) I’ve got two mommies, I’ve got two mommies.

As cute as this was, it is far less cute when it is directed at your sister. We seem to have hit some sort of season where you alternately hate or love your sister. This means there is lots of screaming. And crying. And pushing. But, fortunately, there is also hugging. And laughing. And dancing.
You two are still mostly playing together, making up games that are both elaborate and require lots of toys to be relocated around the house.

But since you've both started preschool (yep, I did say preschool!), I've noticed that you are able to play alone which, for you, is HUGE. You have never been able to amuse yourself but just today, while Kate was building a Lego city, you got the box of blocks out of Kate's room, set it down on the other side of the living room and proceeded to build multiple towers ALL BY YOURSELF while I prepared supper. Without whining about it or asking me to help you. Can I get an AMEN?!

So, preschool. You and Kate were eager and ready to go when the big first day came.
By and large, you seem to enjoy it. You can already count to 8 in Chinese and you recognize and speak quite a few phrases like "wo ai ni" (I love you), "zoa shang hao" (good morning), "wan an" (good night) and, of course, "ni hao" (hello). You are quite the social butterfly and have learned several of your classmates' names. Your favorite friend is a boy named Alex and you talk about him nearly every day. Your favorite activity is painting and you come home laden down with reams of artwork.

We had to have a discussion about the use of smocks during painting, however, as you were coming home with just as much paint on your clothes as you had on the paper. 

You are also learning to trace letters, numbers and shapes. (Your teacher has written your name in Chinese characters on your paper...something you will learn as well)

Although we usually drive to school, daddy took you on the train last week in what will become a twice-weekly event. You loved riding the bus and the train!
 Morning rush hour meant no seats so you had to stand in the aisle and hold onto the bars for the 15 minute commute.
Our other train trip this month was a weekend excursion to Daddy's office for Family Day at Work. 
You both loved waving to the tour boats.
 I was amazed at how quickly you picked up the rhythm of the rowing machine in the gym.
Making fruishi with the executive chef was a highlight of the day!
Although our schedule has been completely altered with the advent of school, we still manage to find time for play. Earlier this month the weather was super hot so we spent several days swimming in the lake after school. 

It was so amazing to watch you swimming like a little fish in Lake Michigan! You swam for hours and seemed thrilled yourself that you were allowed such freedom. I will say it again: you are most in your element when outdoor, physical activity is on the agenda. It is a joy to watch you come alive and test out what your body can do. 

This past weekend we went on a 2+ hour hike in the woods followed by an hour of running up and down a large sledding hill. You were all in!

Checking to see if I'm still where you left me...
Notice how you are aware of where I am as you leave to run towards Daddy? You are the most hyper-aware person I've ever met with the exception of a friend who I suspect worked for the CIA (true story). You are always aware of those around you, when someone enters or exits a room, and if something is different in a room. Just yesterday you noticed immediately upon entering the living room that I had put something new up on the mantle. Neither Kate nor Daddy noticed it until I pointed it out to them later that evening.

You know what  I love best about you though? You. Your cuddles. Your laughter. Your smiles in the rearview mirror as we drive to school. The smell of your hair in the morning when you wake up. Just you.
I'm so glad we found each other.



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