Thursday, October 24, 2013

NOT two peas in a pod

Kate: Mama, I like mustard.
Me: Wha?
Kate: I like mustard.
Me: Ok.

Kate: I still like pink.
Me: Mrph.
Kate: Mama?
Me: Hunnnh?
Kate: I still like pink.
Me: Ok.

Kate: I need water. But only from the filter, not from the bathroom.

Kate: I love you Mama.
Me: I love you too bunny. Please go to sleep.

These were just a few of the conversations that I remember from last night. Let me back up a bit...

Kate and Lucy went on a "field adventure" with their school yesterday, to a pumpkin farm. It has gotten quite a bit colder here with highs yesterday barely in the 40s so I bundled them up and sent them on their way. I was supposed to go too but they had too many chaperons and not enough seats so I ran a bunch of errands instead. They came home with pumpkins and gourds but very, very tired. Both of them had fallen asleep on the bus and when it was time to go, Kate turned around and gave Ms. Xiang a long, heartfelt hug. It was so lovely to see Ms. Xiang hugging her and whispering to her that she was going to be alright.

We made it home and I fed them some soup then herded them towards bedtime. Kate actually asked to go to bed, which, if you know Kate, she NEVER does. She was in bed and asleep before 6pm. Lucy followed shortly and was out by 7pm.

All was well until 11pm when Kate staggered into our room pleading to "sleep with Mama". After a bit of shuffling around, Len ended up on the couch and Kate and I slept in our bed. And that is when the conversations you saw above occurred. Throughout the night, I was awakened by Kate telling me various random things that were on her mind.

She woke this morning with a temp of 102.4 so Len took Lucy to work on the train and I'm here plying Kate with liquids. She actually loves the concoction I made last night to keep in the fridge:
Slice lemons and ginger, put them in a jar and cover with honey. Scoop out a spoonful and pour hot water over it. Kate loves it and has stopped coughing which is allowing her to rest.

Her last temp check a few minutes ago was 102.2 so it's moving in the right direction. Poor bunny. This makes three days of missed school and it's only October. Preschool plague is hitting her hard.

Meanwhile, her sister is healthy as a horse and thriving in her new environment. They never cease to surprise me. If you had asked me in August who I thought would have a harder time transitioning to school I would have said Lucy, hands-down. But Lucy is enjoying the social aspect of it all; she comes home everyday with stories about who she played with and who said what to whom. Kate seems to be taking the academic track and comes home everyday telling me what the Chinese word is for pumpkin or water or milk or how to say "I washed my hands". She is always counting or singing in Chinese and her stories of her day revolve around Ms. Xiang or Ms. Qiong Wei.

They are so, so different. I think they will be quite good for each other in the grand scope of things.

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